If Only Weekends Were Longer

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This weekend Yogi was on the road!

Yogi is CC's favorite horse. Saturday Bill trailered them to a benefit ride at a small equestrian center 30 minutes away. CC has not ridden as much lately since she just had a baby (a very round, cute baby) so this was a re-launch of sorts for her. She and Yogi had a great ride.

As we were leaving, Yogi went right in the trailer. Nearby there was an Arab kicking up quite a fuss about being loaded into his trailer. Back at the BP, Yogi came back out of the trailer as quietly as  he went in.

There are few things as satisfying as an excellent day spent with a horse you love and who loves you back.

There goes Yogi back to where all of his buddies at the BP were waiting for him.

Then it was time to get out on the trail. But the bugs were frightful. They were biting me right through my shirt! And poor brumby! Even with bug spray they were relentless. It was getting late in the day so we bounded up the short trail, turned around and bounded back and returned to the barn where carrots were waiting.

The next day I reapplied an ample dose of bug spray and out we went. Lilly continued her obsession with the striped maple's tulip leaves. She will grab a mouthful every chance she gets.

But look! We also happened upon this nice arrangement of oyster mushrooms!

I really thought we were going to get rained on. I should check the weather more often. But a little rain never hurt anyone. In any event, it did not actually rain until I was already back home, and I was glad that my flowers and veggie garden got a nice big drink. Although in the pasture I imagined all of Lilly's big spray being rained right off of her. Her fly mask has already gone missing.

While out on the trail, I gave Lilly a tree lesson. This one, I told her, is cherry.

And this one is oak.

This pair I am not sure about. I had to leave my brumby in the dark.

You know how when people get older they worry more about dying? Well I recently had a birthday and this means that I am getting older. On today's ride I observed a million trees just waiting to come crashing down on me. This one is a mild example!

Oh well!


Melody said...

Awwww, great photo of Yogi and his person ~ it IS so wonderful when there is mutual affection!
No ride for us this weekend ~ we went to Maine ~ but we'll get out there again a.s.a.p !!
You really should brush up on your tree i.d. ~ so poor Brumby isn't left wondering there in the buggy forest!
It sure is that buggy time of year!! ~ *Grrrrrrrr* to all the vicious biting bugs! Especially the ones who land right where we can't reach!

lmel said...

Love the tree I.D.'ing! I do that all the time out there with John.
Yes, aren't the deer flies horrendous? One of the things I hate about summer--we had a short, fast ride too. Harley even got in a short gallop catching up to Rolex! Yeehaaa!

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