No Laboring on Labor Day

Monday, September 1, 2014

Does this not make you start laughing? Every time I see this face, I try and throw my voice so it seems like it is talking. Which makes my husband roll his eyes. Of course, it's not a face at all. Any ideas where it is from?

Bahhahahahaaaa! Here's the other end. Even funnier, IMO.  The next picture is the big reveal! It is horse related, but in name only.

Did you guess saw horse? If so, you guessed right. Brandon thinks my brain is wired in such a way that I see cute, funny little things everywhere. He said he never would have seen this "face" in a million years. For him a saw horse means work, not whimsy.
This weekend we intended to go to the beach. But when that didn't work out, I was off to see my brumby. 

Everyone knows what slow as molasses in January is. But there is such a thing as slow as molasses in August.

And this is what it looks like. Every time I get on this horse, she moves slow as molasses in January. That is, unless I ask her to run. Then she will run like a Kentucky Derby champion and pay absolutely no attention to me, her hapless rider. Now I don't want to be off to the races. But I wouldn't mind a brisk walk either!

I discovered just past the Cliffwalk a secret trail that ended up being a shortcut to the River Trail! OK, so maybe it was not a secret at all. I just personally did not know about it. Here is a photo I took of Lilly looking into the newly found shortcut trail. She wasn't too sure about it. It wasn't as clear as the ones we are usually on. But that's why I carry nippers after all. After a few quick snips here and there, we were on the River Trail.

Awesomely, the first thing we happened upon was this  mushroom!

This is probably a Ramaria, commonly known as a coral fungus. 

Look at Lilly springing from the bundle of Ramaria just like Aphrodite springing from a swell of sea foam! Oh, Brumby, you paint goddess of love and beauty!

Brandon loves it when I come home from the trail with mushroom sightings. So on this ride I was in and out of the saddle constantly to capture my findings. This mushroom has teeth instead of pores or gills.

This one I found on the River Trail in a dead log. It's a Hericium erinaceus. You'll see it in the grocery store as Lion's Mane. Mmmm mmmm, edible and delicious. But don't take my word for it. Good grief, I'm no expert. One should never learn about mushrooms for real from a blog called Bay State Brumby. Bay State Mushroom would be a much surer bet.

It's just that, there are mushrooms all over the place! Here is what often happens when trying to get the perfect picture of a mushroom out on the trail. Mushroom blurry, brumby perfect

 These last few days have been so beautiful.  But, ugh, the flies have been awful. 

Here's the crop that I realized was missing after I had been out on the trail 15 minutes. I found it right near Bill's driveway on our way back. This means my ride had technically not even begun and already my crop was MIA. There is a word for this kind of behavior: hopeless.

The next day I was back out on the trail again. This time, Brandon came with me, bringing along his True Value shopping basket to collect mushrooms in. I have no idea why he has a True Value basket. He claims it is perfect for carrying mushrooms around. (Later he would say that bringing such a giant basket into the woods was a guarantee that he would hardly find any at all.)

Right away we found this Amanita, or the Destroying Angel. I've been looking all summer for this guy. And right inside the Short Trail, Brandon spied this one.  Lilly was probably thinking: Not this mushroom business again!

This is probably a deer truffle. We cut it open to peek inside.

These are turkey tails. They are supposedly very medicinal!

The next day...

Of course, on Labor Day I decided not to do any laboring at all. Instead I zoomed over to the barn. Halfway there I realized I had forgotten my camera. But then Brandon arrived to deliver it! He found me talking to Bill on the way to the trailhead back behind the ring. We were talking about Julie Goodnight. Who I like a lot.

I convinced Brandon to come out again with Lilly and me on the trail. No blue true value basket this time.

This violet color is gorgeous wouldn't you say?

 Always a good idea to have a handy little saw while out on the trail!

During all branch removal and mushroom investigating, Lilly was excellent, ground tying like a champ and waiting patiently. Of course, there was quite a bit of nibbling too...

Did I mention it was really hot and buggy?

Summer 2014, I will miss you.

Parting shot:


Melody said...

I love the photo of Lilly sprouting from a mushroom!! :)))) What a good girl waiting for all your mushroom hounding! This hot, humid, bug infested weather does NOT inspire one to want to walk briskly... quite frankly it makes me want to pout and whine a bit. (I don't of course.. no, never.....I wouldn't)
(I just swat and scratch my bug bites, and mumble about how much i love fall....)
Have you thought about just not bringing a crop with you? You end up not having one anyway, once you lose it... so maybe you can save a step? At least you'll know where it is that way! *giggle*

Melody said...

and p.s. ~ I see faces in ALL sorts of things.... I also see hearts. Have you ever cut a banana in half and seen a funny/grumpy face inside??? I bet you make the saw horse say all sorts of funny things! :))))
Oh course I also name the trees in my yard, and talk in full sentences to all the animals on a regular basis...

ltd said...

Love your trails!

You're using a bit with Lilly?

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