The Return of the Equine Affaire!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I wait all year for the Equine Affaire! This year it was Nov 13-16 and so on Saturday, Brandon and Kestrel and I made our annual trek there. We always start with a portrait in the parking lot. It was REALLY cold!

There are several buildings to visit at the Equine Affaire. One is filled with vendors. This building is always our first stop (after getting a baked potato from the baked potato vendor, that must be sufficiently fueled for the EA!). Right away I spied these pink boots. Aren't they totally great? Brandon hated the blunt, rounded toe.

 Kestrel and Brandon love the Aussie booth with all of its pistols, machetes and knives. They could care less about all the cool saddles. Kestrel says this booth is one of the reasons she comes to the EA at all. Ballerina one minute, knife investigator the next! It is a pretty cool booth, I agree.

Uh oh. Detached horse leg in the Better Living Building.

 How cool is that?

 This booth (which is set up by a vet/horse hospital in New Hampshire) had all kinds of interesting yet creepy things in jars. There were  two tiny horse fetuses in jars. You should have seen how small their hooves and ears were.

 At 3pm Chris Cox had a demonstration in the coliseum focusing on gaining confidence in the saddle. He had two participants--ladies who felt afraid to ride their own horses. All I can say is that Chris Cox is amazing. Not just for his horsemanship, but for his skill at pushing someone to flex the boundaries of their comfort zone while keeping them feeling safe and supported.

 Chris told this participant he'd like to see more weight on her mare. He also told her she needed a bigger saddle! Her bum was kinda large. He said it nicely. But he meant it. The second lady was really scared. She hadn't really cantered very much. She really wanted to grip the horn. Chris had both riders cantering around without any bridles on their horses. But of course, even though they were in the saddles, Chris Cox was really the one riding those horses, if you know what I mean. It was very inspiring.

 Brandon and Kestrel are very good sports at the Equine Affaire seeing how they don't ride and Brandon is always one step away from a horse allergy attack. They end up spending a lot of time just waiting for me as I flit from booth to booth and demo to demo. Thank goodness there is an excellent fudge maker there, and fresh squeezed lemonade to die for.

 And Karen and Paul are always there! Another delightful facet of the Equine Affaire. Do you see Karen smiling ear to ear? Because that is how you feel when you are there. Just plain happy.

In the next post you see my purchases in action on my brumby!!! Stay tuned!

Parting shot:

 World's Best Pet Dog and Husband in Neighbor's Cornfield. Run, Getty, Run!!


Brenda said...

Your Equine Affaire is almost equivalent to our annual Arabian show in shopping and food, it seems like. Twobhuge tents full of shopping plus outside vendors.

I like the blunt toe on the boots, but not the pink. I'm a strange girl because I'm allergic to pink. Hahahaha. But a color that would look super cool...? Teal. The color teal could totally pull off those boots. I'd have to get a pair if they had them in teal. :)

Melody said...

I surely wish I could have heard what Chris Cox had to say! We couldn't go this year ~ maybe next year!
I agree that parking lot is SOME COLD! :)))))))))))) I LOVE the boots, and tell the Hubby that the nice rounded boots don't make your toes hurt!! (I love mine Justin Gypsy boots WITH ROUND TOES!) :))))))))))))))))
Can't wait to see what you got Miss Brumby!

Willow said...

Oh yes we remember that cold parking lot last year (right Mel) Yup we didn't get there this year :( but at least we just lived the guick version vicariously through you ~ Thanks :)

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