Fair December

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The trouble with the winter season is that so many weather conditions have lingering effects. All our beautiful snow can later mean an icy roadway to the trail. Throw in a few really frigid temps and December can be a real bear.

But as I have said before, with the right gear, a lot is really possible.

For example! Lilly now has her turbo cleats on her front feet.

Last weekend by the time I made it out on the trail with Bill, the gorgeous puffy clumps of snow were gone. I was really looking forward to riding through the trail when it looked like something from a Christmas card, but it just didn't work out that way. No worries--another nor'easter is scheduled for this week. Here's what the trail looked like last Sunday. Not so fantastically glorious, but frankly, it was awesome out there.

We rode the Ridge Trail and then all the way through Trollwood, though the Chapel, and then back up the upper and lower loop trails, including Toad Road and Sunset Trail. Amazing to do all of that after a big snowfall since that is a common trek we follow in the summertime. The snow was  slippery under Lilly's back feel when going down the steeper parts of the trail but I am thrilled to report she kept her cool and took very good care of her rider.

Yesterday we had nothing but rain. It rained from the time I got up in the morning to the time I settled in my comfy chair in front of the TV at 10pm to watch the rodeo finals in Las Vegas. However, a little rain is no reason to stay away from Lilly. Does this mare look like she will melt? Hardly. I set up a tripod and snapped a few pictures in the rain.

I never get tired of taking my brumby's picture.

She is so fun to be around.

Look how huge she looks in this picture!

Looks like the Pieropan signs are back up! How exciting. That means one of my favorite holidays is coming soon.

Today I was back out on the trail. It was dry but really cold. Bill was moving snow out of the ring and round pen and the sun was shining there, but I knew if we could make it onto the trail, it would be worth it. It was. It was bright and peaceful out there.

Here is what a horse elf looks like on the trail after finishing a nutritious carrot snack.

Here we are about to pass under the widowermaker. I just hope when that old tree finally decides to fall, I am not under it. That's after that little branch may or may not poke my eye socket out of existence.

Lately when ambling along on the trail, I have been trying to practice stopping using my seat alone. I don't lift up on the reins. I don't say whoa. I try to get Lilly to stop based on what my bum  is doing and nothing else. We are making progress, proving that ambling along on the trail offers many training opportunities.


Melody said...

I love you two giving each other sidelong glances.... ha ha ha ! ;)))) Not much in the way of snow yet over here.... we keep getting rain, and more rain! ~ and more on the way! :))))

Brenda said...

I agree with Melody...that picture of you and Lily looking sideways at each other is priceless.

lmel said...

Every ride is an opportunity to improve, I say--not that that always happens! But I've been trying to do more riding without stirrups, depending on the how my steed is feeling. Yes, we got that rain too and turned everything to lovely ice! We got our new shelter rebuilt in the nick of time, it seems, lots of nasty weather headed our way. Ugh--I hope we don't have a winter of rain and ice. That's no fun!

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