Getting Wild in Western Mass

Monday, January 12, 2015

I love that my new knife for the trail is PINK.  So far the only thing I have used it for is cutting stubborn ribbons off of Christmas presents. I am sure Lilly approves of its color.

As usual, we got the day started at Elmers. I ordered the usual: eggs bene sans muffin and a GF blueberry pancake. Same thing every time. I know it sounds like a lot of food for one person. But in these frigid temps, I need a lot of fuel to keep me warm! After that gobblefest, I headed over to the barn.

It was so cold that every time I took off my glove to snap a picture, my hand almost froze off. And every time I began to snap a picture Pokey had to come nosing around. All of the horses are friendly but Pokey is the most inquisitive.

But is that Pokey? I can't even tell. I do have a video of Pokey wanting the camera all to himself. Click here to see it!

I took several photos down by the gate to the part of the pasture that has been closed off. Eventually I had several spectators.

Bill came out and thought that if the closed off pasture wasn't too slippery still from the icy weather a week ago, we could open it up and let the horses run around out there. They haven't been able to run around too much lately thanks to Mother Nature and her dastardly weather conditions. That's Bill's new GoPro camera on his helmet!

As soon as the gate was opened, it was nearly a stampede of horses setting themselves free!

They had been pent up in a smaller pasture for a while and had a lot of energy to kick around! Thank goodness it wasn't too icy for them. because it quickly became crazytown out there. Pokey jumped up off of all four feet and did a binky mid-air! Click right here to see it!

I don't see them get this way very often.

Bill yelled for them to not trample the fences!

Meanwhile, Lilly and Qtee had been watching from the pasture across the street where Lilly has been feeling ornery because she too wants to to stretch her legs, When I put her across the street with the others, first she did some roly polies. 

Then she noticed that everyone else was in the open field. I thought: Oh no. Here comes trouble.

She was not going to let this opportunity to literally kick up her heels pass her by.

There was much squealing, snorting, and double barreling. Yeeeehaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!

 And then, all quiet.

On that note, good night!


lmel said...

Everyone is feeling light in the heels with this cold weather! Like the videos--especially when you got the "snort" at the camera. Wish the dang icy crust would disappear--it's limiting our horses travel too!

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