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Saturday, February 2, 2013

 Isn't this picture hilarious? Looks like Bill is giving me the chat down. Maybe he is saying YOU BETTER GET BLOGGING!

 So today was really cold, but the sun was out and it wasn't so cold you'd rather be dead. Here I am getting ready to head out on the trail. I was somewhat cheered upon hearing that Phil the groundhog did not see his shadow and so Spring will arrive earlier than later. However, I also know that that does not apply to us out here.

The new riding boots (made by MUCK) I got at the Equine Affaire in November have been working out great. I wear them with toe warmers and smart-wool socks. I've got two pairs of long underwear on (expedition weight, as if I am in Nepal), and my puffy pants. Plus, I've got a million layers on top. Aaaand my balaclava. Not to be mistaken for baklava. And my puffy mittens.

The first event on our ride, before we even got to the trail, was that Bill's neighbor had his trash cans in a new spot. Guess who noticed?  Lilly jumped straight up into the air. Just like that! And then we moved on. Right after that a strange dog appeared. Lilly was not too sure about him either. He was wearing tags so I did not worry about him. We moved on again.

Earlier in the week, we had a lot of rain. It got strangely warm, a rainstorm moved in and then it got cold again. Thank you, Mother Nature, for making things cold and ugly. And icy.

Did I say icy? Yegads.

Careful, Lilly! Do not step on the ice!

As usual, Lilly had her own ideas about what she wanted to happen on the ride. We didn't venture onto the trail because it ended up being too icy. Since the road was clear (thanks to Bill for keeping it plowed), we mosied along to the Blueberry Pasture, Lilly stopping at every patch of ferns she spied. Now I know I needn't worry about her vision. She can see those ferns a mile away.

Just think, one day there will be peepers in that swamp peeping away. The days are getting longer.

 When we passed the Big Pasture I left Lilly on the side of the road and trampled through some brambles to get this picture. At first these guys did not know what to think of me. Perhaps they thought I was the Great Pumpkin coming to life. After I called to them they seemed to think, Oh, just her.

Looks like the old barn at the BP is getting a face lift.

I wonder what this cement circle was for. I will have to ask Bill.

Coming back through the brambles, I was spying on my brumby. She appeared not to notice (or care) I was down in the dirt snapping photos of her. Another case of, Oh, just her.

Meanwhile, back at my house......

You know there is nothing worse than a fussy septic tank...except perhaps a fussy septic tank IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. That is our friend Chris Rawlings and his backhoe. A backhoe that is almost exactly like Bill's! Chris is one of our favorite people. He builds swimming pools that look like Mother Nature put them there. He will tell you a septic tank is swimming pool too--just not for people.


Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the septic tank . . . oh dear . . . hope it gets fixed quickly.

That concrete circle could be the base of a silo . . .

Glad you got out and around and avoided the ice.

lmel said...

Oh I'm jealous-laid up again and had to work anyway. But even though it was cold, I'd like to have been out exploring in the woods. Don't you love those Muck Boots? I have a pair of the Arctics and they are awesome!
Isn't fickle New England weather fun--snow, rain, ice--we get it all!
Oh no--septic issues is winter is definitely the pits! (no pun intended, but I've been there too)

Willow said...

Hey Bumbry,
Fun post as always. You and your mare are such troopers ~ even in the face of the upside down trash can brigades and and froze icy tundra . Did you get in a Sunday ride too ? ...Brr Well just saying "Hey" Your probably curled up by the fire tonight knitting mittens while listening to Bob Dylan Bill is such a hoot ;) Stay warm down there in the West of Mass ! Willow

juliette said...

Love Bill's pointing and you calling it a "chat down" - I don't know if I am familiar with that expression. SOOOOOO wish I had your cold weather gear. I was too lazy to research good gloves - I will soon, but I am in pain now! Did Bill put the ICE sign up? What else does it say? Your Brum is the best girl waiting for you while you take photos. I WISH my boys would do that!!!!! That is a goal for us to work towards! Sorry about the septic mess. Yuck in winter too.

Paint Girl said...

Septic issues, yuck. Hope it is all fixed now!! That looks like a lot of ice. Scary. But at least you can ride around it. I have Muck boots. Can't live wihout them from Oct- June!! I will not wear my good boots in this mud! Working with Rio the other day and I was standing in mud halfway up my boots. Love Mucks! And toe warmers! Stay warm!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! That picture of Bill is very funny! And you all bundled up Nepal-Style.....I think I'd rather have a Baklava instead of having to watch out for all that ice on horseback. Brrrr!
But you always get to see such interesting and amazing things when you ride. Do horses eat ferns?
We don't have too many ferns here in NM....they probably need more rain than we usually get. lol!
I hope the septic issue isn't too major. Definitely not a good thing to happen during winter.

Stay warm!

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