Warmth and Sun , Where Are You?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OK, it's not quite THIS cold! But I keep waiting and waiting for Spring to roll permanently in. Last weekend I left my puffy winter riding apparel at home thinking that it would be warm enough to do without. Was I wrong. I guess I got spoiled with the few warmer days earlier this month. March can't make up its mind! Since it came in like a lion, let's hope it leaves like a lamb. When it is as cold and raw as it is in this photograph, I am always surprised how the horses stand in the weather rather than retreating to the lean-to. In the summer I see them seeking shelter, but not so much in the winter. As long as I have owned Lilly, I have never blanketed her. With the wooly mammoth fur she grows, she doesn't need it. Having a bulky coat on would only throw her internal temperature gauge off. I know some people do it, and I really love the darling pink plaid blankets that are available (how dashing she would look in them!), but it would be the wrong step to take with her. I've felt her on the coldest and nastiest of wintery days and she is warm as toast. Another amazing equine feature. I just hope this weekend will be warm as toast. But it's doubtful.

I'll let you know in two days!

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