Doxycycline For Lilly

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tonight is the first night for Lilly's antibiotics for her Lyme. She gets 50 pills in the morning and then 50 more at night. She needs to take them with food, so I brought some of Grandma's Molasses just in case I needed some special tricks to make them go down easier.

Here I am trying to mash the pills up into a fine powder. This didn't work very well since they are as hard as little stones. The pill crusher didn't work so I had to resort to using a hammer. Believe it or not, the hammer didn't crush them very easily either. Bill had some yummy looking grain with molasses mixed in, so that's where the powder and chunks of pills went. Apparently, doxycycline is hard on the stomach. This must be why she gets fifty little pills rather than one huge one. I tried to ask all kinds of questions at the vet's office about the antibiotic, but the receptionist didn't seem to know much and confirmed the doctor was out of town for the week. Grrrr. I'll have to call back.

Here you can see Lilly gobbling everything down without any fuss at all. THANK GAWD.
She probably loves it so much because she NEVER gets grain ordinarily. She's a hay girl.

This is the new barn bag that my mother-in-law, Karen, sent me!!! I LOVE IT!! Plenty big for camera, carrots, and other brumby gear!

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We are sorry to hear that Lilly has Lyme's. Everyone here at Honeysuckle Faire is pulling for you and your warfare! Good Luck!

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