A Spoonful of Sugar

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The only good thing about having to give Lilly this medicine is seeing her every day. Usually I don't see her every day of the week. There she is with Qtee which is how I found her last night. Lately when I get Lilly out of the pasture I practically have to beat Elvis off with a stick. Well, not literally. He sees me coming and runs right over as if to register his displeasure that I am stealing one of his mares away from him. I say to him, "This is MY mare, Elvis, Not yours!!" Elvis is the dominant horse in the pasture and likes to act like a king. I guess that means he has been aptly named! Here is Lilly visiting with one of the donkeys before getting her medicine. I don't have to crush the pills at all. If I mix the pills in with a half a can of grain, she eats every single morsel of the mixture. It is amazing how deftly her lips can pick up even the tiniest fragments of food.

Uhhhhh-ooooh. This is what I saw right after I left Bill's. Those are the neighbors' baby cows! Whoops, I guess they slipped under the fence!

They watched me skeptically as I drove by. I think they are beautiful.

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