Lyme Disease? Don't panic.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last week, Bill helped me take Lilly to the vet so I could have her blood drawn for a Lyme disease check. I don't really think she has Lyme. However, just in case her cranky behavior and at-times stiff gait are the signs of something serious, I want to know. We took her on Monday, and you should have seen how good that brumby was to have a needle stuck in her neck and blood taken. She didn't flinch one bit! It's also true that the vet tech who did it was very good, and Lilly probably didn't even know what hit her. The vet tech kept calling her "Mare" which is what you do I guess if you see a bunch of horses for 60 seconds in one day. All I can say is when we opened the trailer in the vet's parking lot, Lilly looked very cute and curious about the entire affair. We will know soon enough what the results are. Here's hoping it's a big fat NEGATIVE. Interestingly, I did make this post last week, but when trying to adjust the picture, I must have deleted it accidentally. Whooops. Ah, the perils of the newbie blogger.

This weekend I have no posts to make regarding my adventures with Lilly as my husband and I journeyed to the Jersey shore to visit my in-laws and the ocean. This means Lilly was left in the far pasture, free to frolic and cavort in a huge space with her big pasture buddies: Cody, Dixie, Pokey, Freddie--who am I forgetting out there? It doesn't matter. What is important is that she has a good time out there. There may even be a few tiny sprouts of grass for her to nibble at, and I know she will like that. I also still do not have a camera. Alas, Alack!

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