From Yesterday's Tumble

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Although Bill wasn't able to get a shot of Lilly actually laying in the water yesterday, he did capture a few moments of its aftermath! Here is my brumby having just heaved herself [reluctantly] back onto her feet. Dripping wet. She's probably upset the saddle is still on her back.
And here I am snapping the reins back into place after they got all tangled around her naughty head. I know the water doesn't look that wide or deep, but a stand of muddy water like this, now I know, can mean trouble! I should have been scolding her at this moment. She would have known by the tone of my voice that she had done something inappropriate.

Here is me checking in on my waterlogged camera. It slays me how my brumby is looking on as if to say, "What happened to your camera?"
Bill and Christine said if I put the camera in a big bag of uncooked rice, the rice might absorb all the water and get the camera to dry out. I am trying it, but the lens still looks wet. Oh rats.
Here's my parting thought:
Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

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juliette said...

Oh, Colleen! Lilly is so naughty, but sooooo cute!! We (my family who follows your blog) are so glad you are ok! I love the photo of her looking at your camera. She is adorable!


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