Two Amblers: One Horse, One Human

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am lucky that I do not have to work on Fridays. And I am especially lucky when a Friday is as all-out gorgeous as it was today. It doesn't get any better than this! Out on the trail I began to believe that Lilly's doxycycline is working. She wasn't surly once--no ear-pinning, no cranky lunges at the dog, no stopping mid-trail and demanding to turn around and go home.

Was my brumby actually merry as she ambled sweetly along the trail? Yes! Yes! I think she was! Needless to say this made me really happy. I hope that medicine really is working. I hope that lyme bacteria is packing its bags for good.

One of the things that Lilly will stop dead in her tracks for on the trail is the sound of velcro. Every time I tear open the velcro to get the camera out, she stops immediately and flings her head around eyeing me. She does this because she thinks I'm getting out a carrot from the pommel bag. Which has a velcro closure on it. It took Lilly about one hour (possibly less) to realize that carrots often follow the sound of velcro. This has made it increasingly difficult to open my bag to do anything other than retrieving a carrot. You would not believe how delicately and stealthily I try to get out the camera now. But still Lilly knows that I am in my pommel bag and will stop immediately! This is proof to me she is aware everything I am doing when I am on her back. Incidentally, if I am on the trail with her and start talking very sweetly to her in my you-are-such-a-good-girl voice, she recognizes this tone of praise straightaway and will also stop immediately for a carrot.

Bill drove by as I was on the road and took our photo. The next picture is Lilly checking in on one of her pastures. Starting to look pretty green out there!

This last picture is the place on the trail where Lilly thinks it is time to gallop, even if I do not ask her to. She just must love running up the hill. Today I made her walk quietly and she was happy to oblige.
Here's hoping tomorrow will be as stellar as today.

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