Hiho, Lilly, Awaaaaay!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today the weather was very glum. It wasn't raining, but it was overcast and seemed very serious outside. But it could have been much worse, and so while my husband ripped old pine clapboards off our house and put new cedar clapboards up, I zoomed over to see Lilly. I spent forever in the barn with Lilly trying to get her clean. It is impossible to keep a white horse looking spotless. Then I was in the ring for about 2 seconds before Bill and CC and I headed off on the trail. This time we mostly went along some hayfields rather than through the woods. Here is Lilly poking along behind the other two. She was wearing her Cavallos, and I kept thinking they'd get sucked off in some of the deep mud we went through. But as I have said, the boots do not seem to bother her, and when we get back, they are always still there.

The best part of the trail ride was the galloping we did!!! Today, in this cornfield, I rode Lilly faster than I have ever ridden her. It was a full-out gallop!! I felt like I could have been in a car, that's how fast we were running! It was VERY EXCITING! Is this how the Lone Ranger felt every day of his life? Amaaaazing! When a horse is moving that fast, the ride is extreeeemely smooth. It feels like people and horses were made to move together. Is it poetry? You bet. At the end of the gallop, when it's time to slow down and stop, this gets tricky for me. Because once Lilly is letting it all hang out like that, she wants to keep going! Needless to say, if there had been a cliff at the end of our gallop today, we would have sailed like a ship right over it. Whoooooa Nelly! Must work on that stopping on a dime!!
Bill recorded our cornfield gallop with his camera and sent me the clip. Even watching it is exciting! Here it is! http://picasaweb.google.com/horsetraderbill/RexTrailRidePlayingInTheArenaColleenCCAndMe?authkey=Gv1sRgCPPJ1ayA-MGBZQ#5331767573730881618

At the end of the day, I let Lilly have a little snack of fresh grass. She was so good out on our ride that I wished I had a carrot cake for her.

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Pony Girl said...

Wow, what fun! I wish I had the guts to full out gallop! ;) I don't even know if my horse would....he can be pretty lazy, hee hee! You'll have to download the video clip for us!

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