Memorial Day Meander

Monday, May 25, 2009

My brumby was so naughty on our trail ride today! She would take ten steps and then stop and peer all around. Ten more steps, then more peering. Then some fern nibbling. At first I thought she was just sleepy. Then I checked all of her gear to make sure nothing was out of place and might be uncomfortable. Her Cinderella feet were checked too-all was just fine. Her behavior was so strange. She did not seem particularly frightened. Leery maybe. We were pretty deep in the woods and I started to get the feeling that maybe even though we were alone...that we were not alone. Considering how much huger Lilly's eyes and ears and nostrils are than mine, it was entirely possible that she could sense something I could not. I kept my camera at the ready just in case we saw something. I was torn between wanting to see something, and not wanting to see something!!

This picture is not the best, but I took it to illustrate the tree with the type of branch I call the Eyeball-Poker-Outer. On narrow trails, or when we veer off the trail, these pokie branches are my arch nemesis!
This is a part in our travels where suddenly Lilly decided, after all her slow-as-molasses meandering, that she wanted to move quickly. Maybe there are goblins there!! On the other hand, it is clear we are heading home at this point, and Lilly's sense of direction is excellent.
Next weekend Brandon and I are going to Newport. So I won't be spending any time with Lilly. This is actually good news for her because it means she can spend almost two whole weeks in the big pasture running wild. As I was walking her to the pasture she kept whinnying and whinnying, she was so excited. Here she stopped because she heard something in the woods. When she stands this straight and tall, she reminds me of a tall and narrow thoroughbred. The clatter in the woods turned out to be Bill!

Putting Lilly in with horses she hasn't seen for a while is always exciting. I tried to capture the moment here because there is always a lot of action and some loud squealing as they reunite. It turned out it was too dark in the woods for a good photo, but this is a picture of Cody and Pokey getting a whiff of Lilly. The last two trail rides I have been on with Lilly, when we pass the big pasture, she has really wanted to linger. And she would whinny with me on her. Does that ever feel like an earthquake! So today, I was very happy to leave her there. Kind of like summer camp for her! Don't miss me too much, Lilly!


Paint Girl said...

Horses are so funny, who knows what made Lilly act the way she did.
Today on our ride through my neighborhood, we decided to go check out another road that takes us to the entrance to some trails, both horses did not want to go down that road. We made them. There were just houses and fences. After that we had to ride past a big track-ho that was being used right next to the road, do you think the horses freaked out? Nope, they walked by that big machine, no problem. So they don't want to go down a road with nothing scary, but they will walk right by a big piece of equipment, being used, making a ton of noise! Silly!

juliette said...

Have a great time on your trip to Newport, Colleen, and have fun, Lilly, in the big pasture. I love thinking of Lilly whinnying with excitement to see her old friends. That is so great.

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