Memory Lane: Ruby's Arrival

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Part of Lilly's herd at Bear River Horse Farm includes Qtee and Ruby. Qtee and Ruby are not just herdmates, they are mother and daughter! Ruby is now 5 years old, and she is a big and strong mare who likes to boss other horses around. But she was born right into Bill's arms and he sent me a few pictures of her as a baby. I thought I'd share them! Here is QTee all preggers! Don't her legs look like little carrot sticks under that big round belly!? Christine says she rode Qtee right up until the time Ruby was born. Gently, of course. Qtee got pregnant on her first insemination. No, it wasn't by a neighbor stallion sewing his wild oats--Bill ordered the semen special, choosing Ruby's bloodlines very carefully!

Oh goodness, here's a fetusy looking Ruby tumbling out of Qtee and into the world. Bill says the foal saw him before her mother!! That must have been really exciting. I would have cried!

And here is QTee, such a good mother, taking care of her newborn. Although this was Qtee's first baby, Christne tells me she was an excellent mother, right from the very first second of Ruby's life. Don't you love Ruby's little legs in this picture?

Ruby looks light in this picture, but she is actually a bay. A very very gorgeous bay with a beautiful star, black legs and a full mane. Bill says he could not have asked for anything better. He is such a proud Papa!!

Here's the little filly on the road with Bill's dog Sally. This is so precious.

I hope you liked that! next time I will try and show pictures of Ruby now!


Paint Girl said...

Ruby is an adorable little baby! That is so cool that they got pictures of her being born!

juliette said...

Ruby and Sally are so cute on the road in that picture. Thanks for sharing her birth!

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