No More Pills!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today was the first day that Lilly did not need ANY pills for her Lyme! All the pills have been taken, and now we hope the Lyme has been obliterated! Interestingly, now Bill is taking doxycycline for Lyme. That Lyme disease is so dastardly. It's becoming omnipresent! The tick that spreads Lyme is the teeniest little bug. It's not like other large beetley ticks that you see creeping around. The deer tick is the size of a few specks of pepper. Even when it's all blown up with blood, it is very small.

One of these pictures is of Lilly in the pasture a few hours ago trying to pretend I am not there at all.
Later Lilly seemed to be waiting patiently for her grain/pill mixture. (Pictured) It broke my heart to see her so eagerly waiting for me to feed it to her! She is going to miss getting grain!!!
The other picture is of the donkeys trying their best to make off with my bag full of carrots. This is what happens when carrots and donkeys are left unattended!!

I didn't get anything done with Lilly tonight. I half planned to try practicing her sidepass bareback. I was feeling very lazy after work and thought it would be easier. In the end however, I just fed Lilly her carrots, kissed her numerous times, and then came home.
I have only been on Lilly a few times bareback. The first time I was alone in the ring and I got the wild idea to travel sans saddle. This was really crazy because I was still very new then. I took the saddle off and stood her next to the mounting block. Then I attempted (and failed) to fling myself across her back. It had to have been the clumsiest attempt at mounting a horse ever. I am glad there are no pictures to record this event. It was very pathetic, made much more so by the fact that I hadn't put enough power into the fling, and I was hanging on the side of Lilly like a barnacle, wondering somewhat frantically how I was going to hoist myself on her without freaking her out. In the end I grabbed her mane and shimmied up to the right spot. I am very lucky my horse is one calm brumby. She waited patiently for me as I must have mauled her neck and back getting into place. The second bareback ride was supervised by Bill. It was much calmer.


Paint Girl said...

Yeah! No more Lyme pills! I am sure Lilly will be happy about that, but she will miss the grain!
You had me laughing with your bareback mounting! I rode Brandy bareback for the first time last summer. I actually only had a halter and leadrope and jumped on, ok, I did not jump on! My sis was up in the arena too and helped me on. She has such a narrow, bony back, she is not comfortable to ride bareback! I think I'll leave the bareback riding to other people, and stick to the saddle!

juliette said...

Lilly is the best girl ever! She is so cute waiting for her grain in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Colleen and Lilly! You have a great blog! I'll be checking back often to see what you guys are up to. I'm glad Lilly doesn't have to take her pills any longer. My friend Mister Albino had Lyme Disease a few years ago but he's all better now. Your Friend Winnie the Wild Mustang

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen and Lilly, You have a great blog!!! I'll be checking back often to see what you guys are up to. I'm glad Lilly doesn't need her pills anymore. My friend Mister Albino had Lyme Disease a few years ago but he's all better now. Your friend, Winnie the Wild Mustang

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