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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My brumby did not feel the need to make it easy for me to gather her up for our trail ride today. She was very far out in her pasture, so far away she looks like a tiny white speck. That is also a very swampy part of the pasture so when I went to get her, my feet got drenched.

Here's what Swamp Thing looked like after I finally got to her. Looks like she's wearing black socks! Yesterday one of the nails on Lilly's feet had shifted. Bill fixed it for her. Today the nail was completely gone, plus the shoe was bent. Bill had to take the shoe off, straighten it out, and put the shoe on all over again.

Here's Bill on Ruby ahead of me on our ride today in a glorious hayfield. My brumby really wanted to eat the hay under her feet! Earlier on the ride when we were out in the woods Bill looked down and unexpectedly saw a mother turkey right by Ruby's feet. He thought to himself: If that turkey moves a muscle, this trail ride might be one that goes down in infamy! The turkey did move! It got panicky and started to fly, practically right into Ruby's chest! It's what every horse fears, the rock on the side of the trail coming to life. And Ruby was perfect. She flinched but remained calm! Disaster avoided all due to one good trail horse! Then three tiny baby turkeys started floundering around looking for their mother! Bill snapped some pictures of them, and then we left, so the mother could come back and cluck for her babies.

At the big pasture, Bill traded Ruby for Charlie. That's Bill on Charlie in the road ahead of me. Charlie's stitches from his sarcoid removal needed to be taken out, so Bill rode him back to the house.

When I ride alone with Lilly we move pretty slow. With Ruby and Bill we had to move a lot faster. When we got back, Lilly was thirsty. She sure makes that bucket look tiny.

Here's Charlie with Bill after Bill's wife Jackie removed his stitches. All better Charlie! Let's hope that sarcoid never comes back.

Here is my house. Parts of it are 200 years old! This what my husband diligently works on while I am out frolicking on the trails with my brumby. Today when I got back from riding I convinced Brandon to go out on the lake with me in a ridiculously tiny boat we bought on a whim at the sporting goods store.

Here's Brandon making a funny face in the boat. He must have sun or water in his eyes!

Tomorrow's Agenda: more rosebuds


Paint Girl said...

Another great ride! I know what you mean by the muddy socks! I get those on my 2 all the time! Ugh!
Good thing Ruby didn't panic too bad with the turkeys! Charlie's sarcoid looks really good, hopefully it won't come back, they are such a pain to deal with!
Your house is adorable! Love that it has parts that are almost 200 yrs old!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! No riding for me, I work all weekend! :(

juliette said...

Colleen! The hay field is so pretty - the turkey story is amazing - (good Ruby!)- do you have fly bonnets in every color for Lilly? - your house is ADORABLE - I bet Brandon is happy you posted that photo of him!

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