Not in the Bay State! And No Brumbies!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well, you may have noticed that since I put my brumby in the big pasture in anticipation of our being away for the weekend, I have only made one post! Well, we are back from Newport, Lilly is still in the big pasture, and I have a few pictures to share of Newport before I go back to my life with my tobiano brumby! I should tell you that while we were in Rhode Island I saw not a single brumby except one lifesize fiberglass replica that happened to be in someone's front yard. We did see a few animals at a Topiary Garden however. This one is clearly an elephant....

...and this one is, not so clearly I'm afraid, a horse and rider! That horse has one funny head!

Aaaah, the ocean!! It just happened to be red tide at this moment, a phenomenon I had never seen before.
Uh-oh, doesn't look like this little guy made it. The seagulls of course were making good use of him.

Newport is nothing if not charming. There is a working harbor there, but the place is so picturesque that everything visible is a great photo.

Wouldn't you like one of these little boats for your own?

We did go out on the Aquidneck for a sail. Here is Brandon fussing with the foresail.

Here we are leaving Newport in the boat. Of course it was warm on the dock and much colder on the water. Luckily, I had two fleece jackets on!

That Sean pulling up the sail. Sailing is a lot of work!!

This is the picture I took after having a bunch of champagne out of a plastic cup.

Here is my husband wondering what I am doing rolling around on the life-preserver cabinet.
Newport is really known for having the summer cottages that the Vanderbilts and other uber-rich financiers built around the turn of the century. I LOVE touring these mansions. I can't get enough of the glimpse into that ridiculously indulgent period of our history that they allow. The house below is called The Breakers and was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt. Cornelius got rich building the railroads.

Can you believe this was considered a cottage? There are several others just like it on the same street in Newport. Most of them overlook the ocean. That second floor porch you see in this picture...

..has this ocean view!! Not too shabby! The Vanderbilts had lots of horses and I kept trying to get the tour guides to say what kind of horses they were, or where they kept them. None of them seemed to know!
OK, weekend is over! My next post will be back to the Bay State and the best brumby in the world that lives there!


Sandra Costello said...

I love Newport and can't wait to get there myself. Hope you had a great birthday!

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! What a beautiful mansion, wouldn't want to clean that one though! The sailing looks fun!
I am sure you are so glad to be back to see your beautiful brumby!

juliette said...

What great photos of Newport! It looks like you had a super time. Still, Lilly is WAY more lovely than an ol' Vanderbilt mansion! I bet she is soooo glad you are home!

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