O Lame Saint!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earlier this week, Lilly turned up lame. It is not a little distressing to hear a horse is lame. It is a LOT distressing. I went to see her after work. It was her front right foot. We might call this foot The Problem Child. But she was limping all right, and I never like to see my brumby (or any other brumby in truth) gimpy. The question that nettles is: But why? Why is that horse lame? So Bill and I went through a list of things that might have brought it on. Well, of course we couldn't consider all of them. There could be a million reasons why. But we came up with a few. Some of them were quite dreadful, and I refuse to list them here. If you have ever had a lame horse, you will know this feeling. But in the end we adopted a Wait-and-See tactic. Why freak out right away? I decided we needed more information and we hoped time would yield it.

The next day, Lilly was still limping. The next day not as much. And today, she seems almost completely better! This is such good news for my brumby!

This is brumby's foot with some purple thrushbuster on it! And yes, that is a
shoe on her foot. Have I given up on the barefoot trim? Not exactly. But more on that later...

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