Is this Narnia?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sometimes when I go to Bear River Horse Farm and see Lilly and all the other creatures, I feel like I have dropped down into Narnia, a place where everything is fascinating and interesting, and where all animals cavort together. That's Louise the pig there in the frame with Lilly and Ollie.

I was in Ireland a few years ago, in the Wicklow mountans. I was traveling alone, and was amazed and delighted at the magical quality of the countryside. It would not have been strange at all if a satyr or a leprechaun had popped out from around a stone or hillock--that's how otherworldly the place was. Well, in a small sort of farmy way, Bear River Horse Farm is like that. For example, if Bill came back from the auction with six unicorns in tow, it would seem like they just belonged there!

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Paint Girl said...

Love your picture of the dog pulling Lilly! So cute! I don't think my dogs would ever try that! They are too busy herding everything and anything!

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