Oh! Precious Girl

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a few pics of Lilly today before we went out on our trail ride. (The real post for today is under this one.) But these are the gams that are impossible to keep looking white! Oh dear, that's quite a lot of mud and splatter! My friend Karen P suggests that I try Fiebing's Blue Frost Whitening Shampoo on Lilly to make her white really white. Lilly white you might say!


Paint Girl said...

I hear you on the white! Since both of my horses are white or almost all white, they show all the mud and dirt! Since mine aren't stalled, once you bathe them, they just become so muddy again!
Darn horses, don't they realize we want them clean? But they want themselves dirty!

Pony Girl said...

She has such cool markings! I hope you had a fun ride! We got out for a ride, too. My sister can relate to the white legs, LOL! And when the white isn't caked with mud, it's usually yellowed. She says she's never having a white horse again...her next one will be bay, hee hee!

Kate said...

I have a Lily (different spelling), too - she is all white (well, actually grey) and keeping her clean is a real challenge that I don't usually meet. Your mare is very beautiful!

juliette said...

I like your new banner/header of Lilly and her friends! She sure looks white in that photo!

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