Sweet Sunday

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christine and I bundled up and headed out on the trail early this afternoon. One thing we would both love to do one of these days is head out on the trail with lunches packed and our Peterson's tree and bird books, and spend the day meandering around the nearby hills for hours, checking out birds and trees and animal tracks. Maybe even reptiles! Today we had to settle for something shorter. It was quite ch-ch-ch-chilly out today!! Here is Christine and QTee in front of Lilly and me in a section of the forest where I saw two coyotes last year. There are several old birch trees there. Brandon tells me if you are ever trying to collect rainwater out in the woods, you can use the birch paper to make a little rain-collecting funnel!

We stopped at one of the pastures and the horses there came to visit. That is QTee nuzzling with Charlie and Cody. During some parts of the year, Cody is a roan. Today, with his shedding almost done, he looked like a beautiful bay! Oh! You can see my brumby's ears in the picture! I never get tired of seeing those ears. Lately I have had to put a lot of bug repellent in there. Bugs love my brumby's ears. I usually only use natural bug lotion on her ears and face. But few times I have used SWAT in there.

This picture is what happens when four horses are in the frame looking magnificant but as soon as you go to snap a picture, all their heads go down to peer at something fascinating on the ground. Professional photographer I am not!

This is Qtee, Lilly and Ruby and they are looking with some trepidation at a helium balloon Bill had just carried out from the house. They were NOT sure what to make of that! Lilly was very good. She was only ground tied, and even when the balloon moved closer to her, she chose not to run off in fright. Good brumby!!

But that is not to say she liked it. Here she is trying to get a better view of it. Her head is low and she is making snuffly snorty noises! Not balloon proof yet!


Paint Girl said...

I haven't balloon proofed my horses yet, either! Probably something I should do at some point! You never know when you might run into one of those!

Anonymous said...

I have one mare who is terrified of balloons, plastic bags and the like - she is very alert in general, but those really get her attention!

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