Ruby Ruby Ruby!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well, this picture does not reveal how beautiful Ruby's eyes are, but it does show her beautiful coloring, and what a nice looking mare she is. This picture was taken right after she gave Bill a run for his money on the trail. One thing Ruby has yet to learn: She cannot be alpha if a person is on her back, especially if that person happens to be Bill.
This picture of her yawning sure is cute though.

Oh, Brumby, how have I butchered your bridle path? It always looks fine from the ground, and then once I'm in the saddle I see what a lousy clip I have given her! The thing with her mane is that it is so thin! I don't what to chop off one strand more than is necessary.

Look at that brumby peeking her head around the barn door to see what we are doing inside. She knows we have apple cookies and carrots and she is waiting for a hand out!

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Paint Girl said...

Ruby is very beautiful! I love bays!
Lilly is looking so cute, as always!

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