Lilly Munching Grass on Video!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I am making an attempt to get Lilly footage on my blog and I think it might be working. If it does, here she is nibbling grass!!!!

Addendum! I had this video right on my blog, but it was slowing my whole operation down. Rats. But here's a link to the same video.


Paint Girl said...

She's so cute! How do you keep her so clean? Even though I don't have a fly problem this year, thanks to fly predators, I have put the fly sheets on my horses to keep them manure stains off of them! It works wonders!

juliette said...

Lilly is the most adorable sweetie pie ever!!! I love this video. Brian and I just stood here and watched it three times in a row and laughed at how cute she is!

Anonymous said...

Your brumby is a chewer, for sure!

cowgirlwannabe said...

I think your brumby is beautiful, I had a Mainiac appaloosa that was my best friend/therapist. I just had to put her down on June 11, enjoy all your riding that you can get in.

cowgirlwannabe said...

oops, i forgot to explain that we are from maine, not that she was a mainiac horse....:)

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