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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paint Girl, who writes Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm, gave me an Honest Scrap Award!! I am so honored! This is remarkable!!! Paint Girl's blog is one of my favorite blogs and I read it as often as I can. She's not only a creative writer, she takes excellent pictures and makes me laugh. If you don't read her blog, you must! I promise: it'll hook ya!

The award comes with responsibilities! I must detail 10 things about me that my readers don't already know, and I also have to pass the award on to ten more bloggers! Although I don't know that many blogs intimately, I'll do my best! And now, here are my ten things:

1. I love animals more than people.
I always have. I was born this way. Even today babies do not thrill me and most children send me running for the hills. Sure I like people, but animals? Love at first sight with every single one.

2. If I suddenly won the lottery (which I really do not even play!) I'd give a huge chunk of it to the ASPCA. Then I'd buy some land and use it as an animal refuge. I'd also use some of it to pay back my student loans which I still have even though I graduated in 1992! And finally, I'd send my husband off to yacht-building school which would make him infinately happy.

3. I have three dream cars. The first one is a 1960 Volvo P1800. In red. The second is a vintage VW beetle. Orange. The third is a vintage VW bus painted green and pink. Oh yeeeeah.

4. If I could return to grad school, it would be to study word origins. I love language and I love learning about its history. I also wish I were bilingual. French or Spanish.

5. John Updike, Shel Silverstein, George Eliot and Sylvia Plath are some of my literary heroes. I always wanted to be a writer until in my 20s when I realized how ridiculously challenging it is to make a living at it. My "important document" box at home is filled with short stories, poems, graphic novels and essays, all written by me. There are some strange characters in that box, including one who eats paper, and another perpetually agonizing over a broken heart. Oh dear.

6. I do not like having a suntan. But I do love Miami Beach. And a bikini.

7. I like being alone, and I am extremely shy. (Unless I have had a few rum-and-cokes and there is karaoke. Then you may hear me singing Desperado by the Eagles. That is one of my all time favorite songs ever.)

8. I love amusement parks. The best ride I have ever been on was at Six Flags and it is aptly named the Mind Eraser. On rides like this I close my eyes and scream from start to finish. It is perhaps the only time that squeezing your eyes shut and hoping for the best is not a bad strategy. In weaker moments I have actually done this on Lilly. Minus the screaming of course. Fine on a roller coaster. Not so smart on an equine.

Here's a picture of the Mind Eraser. Oh boy.

9. I'm Gemini on the zodiac but I am ruled by my sweet tooth.
10. I wore braces for four long years.
Those are my ten things!!

The following are bloggers on which I bestow the Honest Scrap Award. May they feel the same honor that I do, and carry the Scrap Torch with vigor! These are very excellent recipients!
1. Honeysuckle Faire (Oh, you've already been awarded!)
2. Studio SMC Photography
3. Pony Girl Rides Again (Have you ever gotten this award, Pony Girl? I wonder! If so, you get it again!!)
4. Jan's Place
5. A Year With Horses
6. Tales from the Clink
9. Karen P and
10. Bill G, you would be listed here if you had blogs!!

I hope the winners can post ten unknown things about themselves on their blogs! Because I love whatever they have to say! And then pass the award on to ten more bloggers!



Kate said...

Thanks for the award - now I have to figure out what to say!

Kate said...

And congratulations - well deserved by you!

juliette said...

Colleen - I was waiting to post because I had a feeling you would pick Kate and Pony Girl at the same time as I was picking them. I will go back and re-think this! Congratulations!!!! Your blog is so much fun to read and the photos are always adorable. Your love of animals is obvious and shared and contagious!! Thanks for giving us all something to smile about!

Paint Girl said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment about me!! I am glad you think I am a creative writer, I have never thought that, but than again I don't really give myself praise! My sis got the creative gene in the family!
I loved hearing your 10 things. I am totally with you on #1! I love animals more than humans! Don't get me wrong, I love people, but I love animals a whole lot more!
Oh, it would be so great to hear you sing karaoke! This is one thing I won't do! Although I have once, but I had some liquid courage! I cannot sing!!
Crazy rides, can't do those! Freak me out! But give me a crazy ride on my horse, I can do that! Well, sometimes, as long as I don't fall off!

Pony Girl said...

FUN answers! It would be so fun to hang out with you! Except I'll watch you on the rollercoaster, I'll just take pics. Yep I've gotten that award, and I got it again from someones else, so it looks like me will be busy comin' up with some new answers! :)
p.s. I love Desperado too, but I do NOT Karaoke! I can not sing!!

katrocada said...

Sculldawg, this award is so well-deserved!! Good for you. Love your ten things. I accept your challenge to write my own. Hope mine are as interesting and entertaining as yours, both in text and in pictures ;)

juliette said...

Back at you Colleen! Don't do again!


katrocada said...

Um, ok, now I think I get it: I'm getting the Honest Scrap award too?!? My 11 year old doubts its legitimacy. Whatever. You givie, I takie! I'll get on the task of posting my ten things, then (somehow) selecting ten other bloggers to whom I'll pass the torch.

Love ya, Dawg.

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