More of the Karen P Visit!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill and Karen have sent me some of the photos they took from our ride together on Saturday. Yes, we were all snapping pictures right and left! Karen has a serious looking camera with a huge lens. She can ride, aim, focus and snap pictures all at once! Here is a shot Bill got of her before we left for the ride. Or is that right when we came back?
Here is a shot of Karen, me and Charlie's head and beautiful mane at the river. Charlie looks awfully interested in those ladies and their mares!

Hah! That's me! I like this picture a lot because I look like I am actually doing something important. And because you can't tell I have a potbelly. I'm wearing a necklace that Bill made for me. Can you believe that Bill can make beautiful jewelry too? He is quite the Renaissance man!

Oh, this is my fave picture ever of Bill. Karen was with Bill 30 minutes and got this great smiley shot. This is what Bill really looks like all of time: happy as a clam at high tide.

Karen was very taken with Rudy during her visit. And he made himself very available for photos. And bites of carrot.

One of Karen's pictures. It's a very loving and sensitive snapshot.

Oh boy, that's me again. With camera! And with another loving and sensitive mare. I love my brumby's soft eye in this picture. Oh she is every bit a dream horse. And the fly bonnet! Very dear.

Here are Karen and me in the pasture.

And here's me in the pasture with Bill far ahead of us in the distance.

That's it for now! Happy Monday! It's another dreary soggy day here. My words for Mother Nature: Saturday was very nice, but you're about to be fired!


Paint Girl said...

Great pictures!! I love the river you ride at. We can ride at our river too, but I have only done that once. I know I've told you this before, but I love Lilly's pink fly bonnet!

KarenK said...

Sculleigh-LOVE the photos and what a beautiful day. I agree - ' way too much rain this spring. And the fly bonnet - omigod!!! PINK!!!
Did you crochet/knit it?
Your love for Lilly and horses and your life at the stable and in the saddle is inspiring - live your passion!!

juliette said...

Lilly and Rudy are the most adorable sweeties on the planet! How cute are those pictures!?! Lilly is lucky to have you take her out to see all the beauty. You and Bill and everyone up there sure know how to live!

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