Karen P Comes For a Visit!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally I have a minute to post an entry! I have been excited to make an entry here because Karen P drove two hours this Saturday for a trail ride!! Here she is with Dixie!! This was the first time I met Karen in person and I can tell you, I love her. She is everything an excellent person and horsewoman is! Mother Nature was also very obliging that day; the weather was perfect.
We were lucky enough to have Bill come along. Of course, through Bill I met Karen. Here he is with Charlie and his Panasonic camera. Don't you love Charlie's white socks on his rear feet? So darn cute!
One of Bill's horses that Karen has a special affinity for is Dixie. So Dixie is the horse Karen rode. Here they are in the woods. We are going along my favorite river trail in this picture. Karen has a super deluxe fly mask for Dixie that you can see here. It covered her whole face. I hope my brumby did not feel too inadequate with her little grandma-style crocheted fly bonnet!! (Doubtful)

Oh look, speak of the devil! Here is my brumby in the river in her pink bonnet! And I have to tell you: she was no devil at all. This horse is an ANGEL. Sometimes she does like to leap over tiny streams when I would really rather she simply plod right through them, but I secretly think the leaping is very fun so I don't mind so much.

A great shot of Karen with Dixie along the banks of the river.

Bill and Charlie, Karen and Dixie, and Lilly's ears! We are in Bill's hayfield here. Luckily it had just been harvested so Brumby was not trying to grab giant mouthfuls of hay.

Wait just a minute! What is happening here?? Looks like Lilly is grabbing some hay after all!

We stopped in the far pasture where some of the horses are so Bill could trade Charlie for Cody. This is how remarkable Bill's horses are: They can be in the far pasture running wild for weeks, and when Bill plucks one from the herd and saddles him up, the horse goes not just willingly, but merrily. Merrily! Bill is the horse whisperer. I wish he'd get his own show on cable.

Here come the horses running after Bill called them. And those little pink triangles in the frame are..you guessed it! My brumby's ears! Here's another good brumby quality that Lilly has: she stayed very quiet and still while the other horses came running up to us! So much so that I could use the camera!!

Oh jeez, looks like Bill had to stop and do a little work.
That's it for now!


juliette said...

How great to finally meet your email "penpal". It looks like you all had a super ride. That hay field is soooo pretty everytime you photograph it. I love that picture with just the very tiny tips of Lilly's ears! I wish we all had a Bill at our farms!

Paint Girl said...

Another great day for riding! That is neat you finally met Karen.
I love how Bill can go to the pasture and switch horses to ride!

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a fun time was had by all - except for perhaps Bill in that last picture!

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