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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was going through my emails and found some pictures that Bill has taken both recently and in the last year. Or the last two years! There are so many photos I can't remember. I wish I could print them all and arrange them in a big album.

There's a picture of me next to Lilly taken very recently. I look really skinny in the picture. I'm not really that skinny!
And hey! What's that camelly creature doing in these pictures? That's Rudy (!) and that picture was taken pretty soon after he came to Bear River Horse Farm. It might be the first moment he and Lilly met. Rudy even being at the farm at all is a funny story: I went to the horse auction with Bill one Sunday and it started off with a small parade of goats and one alpaca. The alpaca had been in a petting zoo, was very sweet, and if no one adopted him, would surely go to slaughter. The lady said his name was Rudy. Alpacas, camels and llamas are very weird looking, and very appealing creatures. Something Dr Seuss might invent. At the auction I may have leaned over and mentioned to Bill how cute that alpaca was. I may have been squirming in my seat at the thought of such a dear, little, strange thing being killed at slaughter. I may have fretted. It may have been internal, or it may have been in Bill's ear. I don't remember. All I know is Bill put his hand up and suddenly the alpaca named Rudy was his!!

There is another picture in this collection here of me working with Lilly in the round pen last summer. (Don't ask me why I am wearing my helmet even though I am not even on her.) I am trying some de-sensitizing by lunging her and having ropes all around her. There is another rope with a beach ball tied to it and Lilly is dragging that behind her. I guess beach balls do not always mean fun in the sun. For some they end up meaning work! But you can see in the picture what a willing participant she is. She is an excellent brumby and I am lucky to have her.

There is also a good shot of Herman in this post! Herman is a guy Bill made. Kind of like Victor Frankenstein slaving away in his lab making his scary creature, Bill created this dummy in his barn. Herman is no joke. He could ride any horse, even one that bucked. And that was the point of his being around at all. It was always so funny to see Herman cantering around the ring once he started to lean to the side and get his head whacked on the fence. Herman never gave up!Why is that so funny? Even thinking of it now I am smiling. Perhaps because you'd be terrified to see that happening to a real person!

And finally, there is a picture of me, taking a picture of Bill. This also makes me chuckle: the photographer being photographed!

Hope you liked this little photo album!


Nicki said...

yeah-another paint horse person!

Paint Girl said...

You gave me a good laugh with Herman! That is too funny!
I love Rudy! I am glad Bill rescued her. She is so darn cute!
I have heard before that you should wear your helmet while on the ground working with your horse, since horses can kick, strike, rear etc. So you were just being safe, especially with all the desensitizing you had going on there!
Thanks for sharing pictures from your photo album!!

Anonymous said...

Your brumby is excellent - and you do look skinny! (So there!)

katrocada said...

love your photos, Scull. your blog keeps me connected to the pastoral beauty of that part of the world I used to call home...
XOXO Clinkette

juliette said...

I love these pictures! You look adorable beside Lilly in that top picture. And Rudy! - Oh what a sweet fluffy boy - good for Bill and you for saving him! I really thought Herman was a real person when I saw that photo. He is hysterical - especially visualizing him hanging off the side and bumping into the fence! I like how Lilly looks like she is checking out what you are doing in the bottom photo. Too cute!

Colleen Sculleigh Osman said...

Thanks, everyone, for reading my blog! It is great fun to write, and even more fun when I see comments on it!! I wish we could all live in the same town!!!!!

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