One Fine Day

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here is some beautiful hay that Bill made. He gave me a big bag of it to take home for my rabbit. Now if I were a hay-eater, this is the kind of hay I would want to eat! It smells so good! I put the bag in my car and later when my husband got into the car he started to have an allergy attack. A bag of hay in the car?? he said, Are you trying to kill me?? I am thankful I have no allergies!

When I went to get my brumby out of the pasture today, all the horses and the donkeys were around the hay rack. When I came into the pasture, they all stopped eating and curiously came directly over to me. That is, all except one. As usual, my brumby did not care a scallion that I had arrived. Look at her lurking behind the hay rack, peering out at me, probably hoping I will be swallowed up by a sinkhole before I make it over to her!

A few seconds later, after I had haltered her and was leading her out of the pasture, one of the donkeys slipped out! They are such sly little donkeys, always watching me fumbling at the gate! Seizing the day! I tried to catch him and as soon as I got close, he'd skitter off. I kept calling BILL! LOOSE DONKEY! but he didn't hear me! It was so funny, that cute little donkey being so devilish. A few minutes later Bill was very surprised to see Buckey the donkey in the driveway! He said, What the heck is going on?
Oops! Sorry, Bill! This is the second time a donkey has escaped because of me! Luckily, they usually wander up to the barn where the hay is. With Bill's help, the errant donkey was haltered and returned to the pasture. Whew!

Christine and I had an excellent trail ride today, even though we are still having gloom and doom weather. Here is Christine ahead of me on QTee next to a field of blueberries. Christine could not believe all the blueberries there.

I guess I loaded some of these pictures to be a smaller size. I am such an amateur! I love daisies. They are in my top-three list of favorite flowers. I love their sweetness.

Here is Lilly's nose!
I had just given her some carrots, and she was probably hoping the camera was another one.

There are lots of interesting things to see at Bill's in the barn. For example, the tooth floater thing! It is quite a gargantuan contraption!

One day I asked Bill if we could put it in Lilly's mouth to inspect her teeth. Did my brumby complain one bit that her mouth was propped open? No she did not. I cannot belieeeeve what Lilly tolerates!
Since Bill does all of his own shoeing,
he has quite the inventory of shoes. I think this picture is awesome.

This is a sign I pass driving away from Bill's. Have you ever had real maple syrup? When I was a kid growing up (in Illinois, not Massachusetts), I didn't even know real maple syrup existed! I thought Mrs Butterworths was real maple syrup! This makes me shriek! Real maple syrup is so delicious. One of my favorite meals is pancakes and pickles drenched in syrup from trees right up the road. YUM!


Anonymous said...

Your brumby seems calm and collected, and not one to abandon food lightly!

juliette said...

Colleen! You are so funny and you tell the best stories about your adventures at Bill's farm. You really make me want to move up there. Do you think Bill would have Pie and Sovey? And I want to have the maple syrup - just not on pickles!

Colleen Sculleigh Osman said...

Juliette! Pie and Sovey at Bear River!!?? That would be wonderful!!!

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