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Friday, July 31, 2009

Brandon and I are about to leave for a two week vacation in Montana. And at work because my department is on a shadow of a skeleton crew, I have had to put in some extra hours in the last two weeks. All of this has meant that my blogging has been slightly neglected! Let me tell you: I hate not being able to make a blog post after each ride. For the next two weeks, when we are in Montana, I will do my best to try blogging from an internet cafe. But I don't even know if that will end up working out. In any case, DON'T FRET if you don't see a post for two weeks. I'll be back for sure! And I bet I'll have some Montana horse tales to tell!

This post is from my last two trips to the barn to see Lilly this past week. Last night I walked her down to the Big Pasture where she will be while I am away. But a few days earlier, Brandon, Lilly and me took a short hike looking for mushrooms after work.

Here is Lilly quite interested in the bag Brandon brought along to gather mushrooms in. She does like to sniff each mushroom that goes into the bag. She has never had an interest in nibbling at them however.

AH HA! This is the mushroom I wrote about several weeks ago--the one that will definately kill you. It is called the Destroying Angel. This mushroom will make your internal organs mush and recovery hopeless. Don't let its pure whiteness fool you! This angel is a devil in disguise!

Here I am bopping along on my brumby, taking care to avoid smashing little newts out of existence with Lilly's feet. The picture quality is poor because it was actually quite dark in the woods.

Here is Bill coming up on his four-wheeler to look for us and make sure we were OK. Bill, our own personal Search and Rescue Operation! Bill's four-wheeler is so cool, Brandon and I would like to get one of our own.

The next pictures are from last night. I went to get Lilly to walk her down to the Big Pasture for the next two weeks. Another round of summer camp for her. She will LOVE it down there. The pasture is huge and grassy, and plus, Pokey, Ruby and Charlie are down there to keep her company. But when I got to Bill's this brumby was filthy!

Look at that rump! My brumby could not have been dirtier!

I did not want to send her off to summer camp all crusty and nappy. So Bill helped me get the hose out and clean her up. This is a horse that likes water a lot. She was only ground tied almost the entire time the hose was on her. She didn't even flinch in the frigid well water!

Dirty but dainty feet!

Someone is smiling!

There's the moon with an ear.

Here's Lilly just inside the big pasture. Of course the other horses ran right over to check her out. There was some squealing and bucking! I wish I had a better camera to capture it! On the other hand, sometimes it is nice to just watch them without worrying about seeing it through a lens.

And then they all ran off at full speed, Lilly kicking up both feet high into the air and swinging her head around!!!!! That is quite a sight to see!!! Just when i think she's slow and doddering, she gets WILD and kicks her heels up! Amazing, Beautiful and very satisfying to the soul.

See you soon, dear readers!

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