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Monday, July 27, 2009

The weather cannot make up its mind. Will it be sunny? Will it be rainy? I never know when I get up in the morning. And this was the case on Sunday. It looked sunny, but then it started to look dark and gloomy! Rats! Christine was worried about lightening, but we headed out on the trail anyway. Because as Anne Bronte once said, But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose!

Can you believe who we spied on the road to the trail?? Yes, the infamous dirtbiker!!!! Of course we heard him coming a mile away. Usually I do not get off Lilly when I think something weird is about to happen. I said: usually. Today I heard that guy and scrambled off of Lilly immediately. He turned off his engine as soon as he saw us. As you can see, the dirtbiker is just a cute kid out having fun. He was VERY skeptical of my taking his photo. I think he thought I was going to turn him in! (Yes, Officer, here is a mug shot I procured myself for your files!)

Christine and I ended up cutting our ride short because it had started to rain. But an hour later it cooled off a bit and got sunny! So I dashed back over to see Lilly! I threw the little english saddle on her because I knew it would be cooler, and I also thought maybe we'd do a few jumps in the ring. Looks like the saddle needs a little adjustment!! Good gravy! Do you see what is missing in this photo? What am I, the bridelless reining champion of the world? I am always forgetting to bring reins down to the ring!

So I had to leave my brumby while I ran up to the barn to get some. I told her to stay quietly and nevermind Louise who was snortling around in the pasture. I did tie Lilly up loosely.

As I got closer to the barn, I turned to check on her. Still there in the same spot. Good brumby!

Back in the ring I practiced the sidepass, and also sidepassing while moving forward. Does that make any sense? She was not bad at it. But not great either. More practice will make it right. She really tries. We also cantered and of course when we got to the gate, the devil gave me a few tiny bucks. So we had to work on respect for her leader. Another thing: when we are cantering toward the gate, she will not stop when I ask her. Oh she'll slow down, but she won't stop like I want her to. So that meant I had to practice stopping before calling it a night. Trot a little, stop. Trot a little, stop. She is fine at stopping at the trot. Just not the canter. Which of course is unacceptable. Because outside of the ring this could be very dangerous. I'll have to ask Bill to help me (again).

Here you can see what Lilly thinks of the idea of jumping!
It's Monday, blech!

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