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Friday, July 24, 2009

I have gotten into some trouble with my camera karma! First I turned on the computer to upload some photos and it would not connect with the server. I had a tiny freak out until I realized one of the rabbits had just yanked the plug out of the wall. Hah! Then none of my pictures would load into the computer. The message was that they had all been duplicated, and then there was an error and it hadn't loaded anything at ll. Whaaaaat? I don't even know what that means. I changed the batteries in the camera and it seemed to work fine. Bad camera karma or idiot operator? Don't answer!! In any case, I have a few pictures from this week at the farm.

Here's the new gelding. Although he is registered, I do not think he has a barn name yet. I still like Galaxy, but Bill won't do it. I guess I'll have to get my own new horse to use that name! In any case, you can see how beautiful he is.

And there he is with the other newbie, the mare. Whose name is Jody. Maybe because she looks excatly like Cody. (I did take some pictures of Cody for comparison, but it was raining--as usual--and he looked very soggy and sour in all of them. He is such a fabulous gelding that I am loathe to post any pictures that don't show him off.)

There is that funny alpaca who turns up in the strangest places. Like this photo of horses! But wait! There's BonnieBelle the cow back there too! Is this New England, Peru or Scotland? Hard to tell in this shot!

This wouldn't be a bona fide blog post without my brumby in it!! Here she is with Ruby. Lately she has been SO GOOD and so snuggly. Maybe she has really been digging this wet, cool summer. It surely means fewer flies on her. And so far, no Scratches like last year. In a week she will be in the Big Pasture for two whole weeks while B and I are in Montana. She's really going to love that.

Oh no! Looks like Lilly's cadillac has a flat tire!

Shangri La? Or Bill's back yard?

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Paint Girl said...

The new horses are very pretty!
Your going to be going through horse withdrawals while you are in Montana!

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