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Monday, July 20, 2009

It is Monday night and just now I am getting to make a post about the weekend! This is what happens when I visit friends--blogging time gets obliterated! So this post will have a little bit of everything in it. Starting with some new additions to Bill's farm!
I knew Bill was planning to go to the auction on Thursday night. Was I surprised when I found these two newbies in the paddock on Friday? Not really! That pretty red roan is a mare. She looks just like Bill's gelding Cody. In fact, that night Bill tried to trick me into thinking it was Cody. hah! Bill, you can't pull the wool over my eyes!! The other horse is a gelding. I tried to get Bill to name him Galaxy, but that was rejected immediately as being too long. I like the image of riding around on a Galaxy. My second suggestion was Twinkie. Also rejected.

Can you believe this tiny peanut of a frog I found hopping around in the muddy pasture? Boy is he cute. Smaller than a thumbnail. It was quite a feat to catch this little guy.

Whoa! Another little guy! This is the baby of some dear friends of mine. I went to Boston to hang out with them on Sunday which is why I didn't get to squeeze a blog entry in. Some babies seem a little vacant. This baby seemed like he had a little Einstein brewing within. Here's my synopsis of life with a little human who is 4 months old: a lot of work! I do like this little foamy chair he has. You squish him in it and he is able to sit there independently, oggling and flailing safely. Kind of like a fabulous saddle.

Here is my own baby! Lilly the brumby! This is a great example of how she can ground tie herself. Which she does all the time.

Saturday Brandon did some more mushroom hunting while Lilly and I ambled along. Brandon had the camera this time, so he got some pictures of me. Like this one of Lilly's and my bums.

Look, I have a pink helmet! Only it is a Troxel and doesn't fit very well at all. I like my International better. If only it were pink like this one...

Finally we have been having some decent weather. There has been much scrambling to hay the fields.

Hey! There's Bill on his tractor! He has been haying too. Sometimes he lets me take some of the hay for my pet rabbits and guinea pigs. They LOVE it.

When Brandon had the camera on our trail ride, he captured quite a few snapshots of mushrooms. This one is a Amanita. Very pretty. I love it when mushrooms look like they are wearing little garters like this one. In the mushroom world these are simply called rings.

This is another kind of Amanita. On this trail ride, Brandon began formulating ideas for a device that would allow me to pick mushrooms from horseback. The end design was a big basket I could wear on my back that had a long, vacuum-like tube that could reach the ground and gently suck the mushrooms up and into the basket. Can you imagine? Brandon is convinced that if he can build it, I can submit this story to Horse&Rider and get a story written about me.

Here you see a little village of Russulas.

These are some of the specimens we collected that day. You are looking at Russulas, Leccinum, Chanterelle, Suillus and Polyporous elegans.

Not a mushroom! Bill's family's new dog: Norman!

A good shot of Louise.

Finally, here's where the giant tree was that had fallen in our yard. All gone!
The next post will have more of Lilly in it!
Happy Monday, friends.


juliette said...

Great post with a little bit of everything! I can't wait to see you wearing the mushroom/vacuum! What will Lilly say? I don't know about Horse & Rider liking that story BUT they definitely will be interested when you invent the squishy saddle like that baby's chair. That is an amazing idea! Can you imagine!!! You couldn't fall out and your butt would never be sore from riding! I think it could be made in pink too!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting mushrooms - and cute brumby, of course!

Pony Girl said...

Great post! I love that tiny frog, amazing! Lilly looks great in pink, you and my sis should get together and shop for pink horsey stuff, LOL!

Paint Girl said...

Wow! You have been very busy! I adore that little frog! You know me, I love frogs!
Some very interesting mushrooms, oh, I forgot to take a picture of the one that was growing up by my arena! I thought of you, but I don't know if it is still there. I'll have to check on that.
Bill's 2 new horse's are cute! Can't wait to hear the new names!
Norman is adorable! Look at that face!
And the mushroom vac pack! LOL! Cute idea, can't wait to see it when it's done!

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