Cinderella's New Slipper

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cinderella's feet were needing some attention, so she was given a pedicure this past weekend. By none other than Bill! Do these pictures reveal what a good brumby Lilly is while getting her feet worked on? I hope so!

And they also reveal what a great job Bill does with her. Here you can see some tools carefully laid out to his right.

Filing a hoof takes some practice. It is much harder than it looks. Of course Bill makes it seem like a piece o' cake.

Usually Lilly is not on crossties in the barn. But while shoeing, it is a good idea. One time recently Bill was in the barn working on a horse's hoof and the infamous dirtbiker zoomed by on the road! Bill could get seriously hurt that way!

I am compelled to point out how patient Lilly is. You might also notice the new mats Bill put down in the barn.

Bill must have noticed that my brumby's feet were a little smelly. Thrushbuster to the rescue!

This foot belongs to the belle of the ball!
I hope that one day I can learn how to shoe Lilly myself. It is such a valuable skill. My fear is that I would trim too much, or pound a nail in the wrong way and send it right up into the soft tissues of Lilly's foot. If I ever did that, I would faint dead away. And nobody likes a fainting farrier.
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And Happy Bastille Day! Vive la France!


Paint Girl said...

Lilly's feet look really good! That is good that she is so patient. Farriers love patient horses!
Brandy is really good for the shoer, but Fritzy can be a pain. She just hates holding her leg up for too long.
We constantly use thrushbuster in the winter around here. It gets so muddy and wet. The poor horses!

juliette said...

Lilly is the best girl ever! You can do anything with her. You are very lucky! And Bill! I want a Bill too!

Pony Girl said...

At times, my horse is not so good for the farrier, at least, not with his hind hooves. Because of his arthritis in his hocks, he hates holding them up for too long and can try to pull them away. If he gets in trouble, he gets worked up and it can be hard to calm him back down. But usually, he's pretty much perfect! Sometimes I bute him a little before his apt. to help him w/the pains and aches.

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