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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am such a bonehead when it comes to blogging. First I upload the bulk of my photos in the wrong size, and then I fumbled greatly when it came to getting a video of Lilly in this post. Good thing my job isn't in computers or the whole state would have some sort of cybervirus right now thanks to me. At work, one of the IT guys said my computer skills on a scale of one to ten are about a TWO. A two?? Hah! That is funny because I work on a computer all day! Later he said he was only joking, but I know the truth.
Here is a nice picture of my brumby at the hay pile getting some last bites in before our trail ride.

I just can't get a decent picture of Sally. She's a beautiful dog and my blog sure doesn't show it!

And here are the tiny pictures that you will need spectacles to see.
I took this picture because you can see a Russula breaking forth from the mulchy stuff to make its appearance in the forest. For the record, I am not a mycologist!! I am flattered though, if you might think so. It is my husband who has studied mushrooms extensively, and he inspects all my pictures and tells me about what I see. I have yet to see one of my favorite mushrooms in the woods this year, one of the most poisonous: The Destroying Angel.

Here we are passing a trail sign out in the woods.

And some more.

I like this one. It says "Respect land Owner. Stay on Trail." I'm pretty sure its for snowmobilers. But not to worry, my brumby and I always stay on the trail. We tread very lightly.

I have mentioned that we pass so many old stone walls in the woods, here I tried to get a picture of one. Even with my camera on the setting for darker locations, it still looks pretty dark. And oh yeah, the picture itself looks like it is the size of a postage stamp. Sorry.
This below is supposed to be a video of Lilly snuffling in the dirt. But I don't know if it will come out. I hope it does. At the very end of filming this tiny clip, I very nearly slipped out of the saddle and right into the dirt pile Lilly is rooting around in. I guess I got so interested in the strangeness of her snuffling I forgot where I was sitting.
Scroll down a bit and I think it is there.


Anonymous said...

The video works - what is she after? Is it the dirt itself - some mineral perhaps?

Paint Girl said...

Very cute video!
Sounds like another great ride!

Colleen Sculleigh Osman said...

Hi Kate! I don't know what the heck she is doing , but I had the same thought--maybe some minerals are in there!

juliette said...

If you can get that video up and working you are not a failure at the computer!! I haven't even attempted that yet!

Lilly is the most adorable Brumby ever! And I love her full title "Lilly von Osman"! Too cute per usual!

Runner7 said...

The video was great!

Your horse is beautiful.

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