Sweet Saturday

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today Christine left me a message saying she'd meet me at Bill's after lunch. But she did not show up! This means Lilly and I were left to our own devices out on the trail. I love riding with Christine, but I didn't mind going off alone. Trail riding is da bomb, solo or not. I have noted however, that when we are alone, Lilly stops and peers around a lot more than when we are with other riders and horses. Sometimes she does not want to go forward at all. She just wants to stand....and stand....and stand. I never want to force her to move on, but on the other hand, we can't just stand around all afternoon either.

Being out there with my brumby/statue, I kept thinking of the Dennis Reis show. Here's a picture of Dennis I found online. He's not my favorite (like Clinton), but I do amire him and his natural horsemanship. He is also about 7 feet tall so every horse he rides looks like a pony under saddle. Anyhoo, today I kept doing what Dennis says to do to get a horse moving: Suggest...then Ask....and then Tell. All those guys say the same thing, but Dennis is always talking about the escalation of aids. I like this idea of giving the horse the chance to do the right thing.

Here is Lilly modeling a breast collar. It's Bill's but I love it. Not only is it very pretty on her, I feel better using it when we are going up steep trails. I meant to put it on yesterday, but forgot.

Right away Lilly saw someone on the road that piqued her interest. There is actually a person in this picture way up the road carrying a dog.

Looks like someone found her favorite trail treat again.

At this moment I am leaning backwards in the saddle as far as I can. This is what happens when there is no one around to tell you to stop goofing off. I felt like I was almost laying down on Lilly. Did this brumby mind? No, she just kept walking. Next time I'll try it no hands!

Oh look, a little cloud of mushrooms by Lilly's feet!

Have you ever been out in the woods and seen pieces of wood that look blue? The blue color is caused by a fungus in the wood! It is Chlorociboria aeruginosa and is commonly called "Blue Stain." Mushrooms are everywhere you go. In person, these wood shards looked very blue, as if someone had colored them with a magic marker.
Meanwhile, back at home.....

The neighbor has been working on our fallen tree.
And we have a new family member:

I saw this rabbit online as adoptable from a shelter around here. While I was out riding today my husband went and adopted her! ADORABLE! Don't you love how there is a rabbit in the textile of the couch right above her? Hah! Now that's cute.


Anonymous said...

Cute brumby, cute rabbit! Are you, perchance, a mycologist?

juliette said...

Why was the person carrying the dog? I hope it wasn't hurt!

Your Brumby is so very pretty in Bill's breast collar. The trails there sure are full of mushrooms! You must live in a little fairy forest. I wish you lived here though so we could ride together when Christine and my mom go missing!

Paint Girl said...

Very cute bunny! That was so sweet of your husband to bring the bunny home!
I was riding Brandy yesterday with no hands, on the trail even! Yikes! What was I thinking? Apparently I wasn't!
Sorry Christine didn't show up for your ride. But it is a good thing you don't mind riding alone!

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