M.N.: Reinstated

Friday, July 10, 2009

This is a cute firehouse sign on the Marshmallow trail. I've never seen any firehouses out there, nor have I ever seen any fire chiefs trooping around. Could the sign actually be referring to the fire station in the center of town? Why on earth would there be a sign for it out in the middle of nowhere? Maybe this trail used to be a real road once upon a time! Now that would be interesting. Also interesting: There are many stone walls out in the woods that we ride by. That must mean that the woods we ride through used to be someone's pasture.

Today's trail ride saw a return of The Nibbler! That gentle bit I am using lets my brumby get away with murder!
In between nibbling like a madman, Lilly saw this rock and thought it was not to be trusted.In the picture it looks like nothing. She snorted at it for a while. Finally I got off of her and walked by it with her. And then back, and by it again. I did this until she was licking her lips. I wonder if she saw a snake slithering by it and that is what scared her.

The bugs were so bad today! I had to stop and put more bug spray on Lilly's chest and the top of her head. Then I noticed the flies were swarming around Sally and I put bug spray on her too. But here, if you look hard, you can see Sally trying immediately to rub the bug spray off. It's not a great picture, but that black thing is actually a Lab. Trying to scrape off some bug juice.

Here is brumby looking very inncoent.
The flies were harrassing her greatly and she was whipping her tail around to get them. A few times her tail hit my leg and it felt I had been snapped with a wet towel. OUCH, brumby! That tail is quite a little weapon.

Uh oh! Every once in a while there is some barbed wire along the trail. Knowing that it is there comes in handy if we decide to bushwack. And it would be ghastly if a horse freaked out and ran into it. That would be awful. The problem is, it is old and brown and rusted, so it kind of blends right in.

I don't want this anywhere near my brumby.

There is something in the dirt that Lilly is very interested in. I don't remember her having this interest last year. The Nibbler gets taken over by The Snuffler. What is she looking for in there?

I had to get down on my knees to really spy on her doing it. It was so weird; she was actually using her teeth to get at something! Yuccckk! I think there is a root down there she is trying to chomp on. Root eating brumby? What?

None of my pictures of Sally came out any good, but I find this one hilarious. There's Sally on the left still trying to rub off the bug spray. She put a lot of effort into getting it off. Then on the far right is brumby's head, right above the spot where she was snuffling around intensively. Is there a lunar eclipse? Because those are some weird behaviors!

We heard a funny noise off in the woods. Here is Lilly looking at it. Her mane is so delicate!

And here she is being very good while I scout around for mushrooms.

As a final note I will say that Mother Nature has been reinstated. No more trees blowing to bits in the yard, no more monsoons in the roadways. She seems to be turning over a new leaf. Hah. Let's hope she keeps it up.


juliette said...

Mother Nature has been great to us too recently. What a weird summer - weatherwise. We have had the coolest July I can ever remember. The horses love it.

Sally says, "No more bug spray, Miss Colleen!"

Runner7 said...

I love your black lab, I have one of my own and she is just the best... they are such great dogs!

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