Black Are the Brooding Clouds

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I know I have told you that I fired Mother Nature. Six weeks of rain and gloom got her ousted. The trouble is, she refused to resign her post! And today, a tempest! Which would have been kind of cool if 1. I hadn't been at work, and......

2. It hadn't brought down more than half of one of the ancient maple trees in our back yard! Just when you get your yard looking halfway decent, something messes it up again. This picture doesn't portray the great majesty of this tree.

Most of all, I am sorry for the tree. The neighbor called to say it made a terrible terrible crack when it fell.

This view is from the other side.

Inside the house was not much better! The dog had pooped in one of the bedrooms! And when I tried to flush the wad of poop down the toilet, the toilet clogged! I'll bet the dog was frightened when the weather got bad. She has never liked thunder.

Before I came home to all of this, however, I had gone to see my brumby!

I had optimistically been thinking I would get on her tonight. But the thunder and lightening were so ominious and sinister, I just ended up giving Lilly some carrots. Here she is coming out of her shelter to see me! Don't you love how she glows in the low light?

QTee also was interested in some carrot. Lilly has no real power over QTee so she couldn't chase her away from the carrot giveaway. I know Lilly would have liked all of them for herself.



Paint Girl said...

Sorry that your weather isn't getting any better!
That is one huge tree!! I don't blame your dog for being scared!
Lilly looks so pretty, as usual!

juliette said...

That is sad about your tree. It is also sad that your puppy was scared, but you tell that part of the story in such a way that I was cracking up. Don't you get so mad when you are determined to ride and something (like the weather) changes the plan? Lilly is so pretty in that light. She really is a jewel.

Pony Girl said...

Wow, what a storm! Glad everyone was okay! You mare is beautiful!

Tracey said...

Quite the storm there! I love wind, but prefer my house stay in tact. Barn, too, for that matter! Thankfully we've lost very few trees here. Glad y'all survived your blustery day!

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