O Happy Trail, O Happy Rider

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lilly and I were adventuring in the woods again today. She was moving so slowly that I thought for a second maybe her Lyme disease was rearing its ugly head again. I'll have to keep an eye on that. Today there were no dirtbikers! This is a picture of Lilly trying to carry me into this giant pit.

We passed these distinctive looking mushrooms (I think they look like little bugles) which Brandon later identified as probably being Gomphus floccosus. He said these mushrooms taste delicious to a few, but give just about everybody else gastrointestinal distress. So don't try them!

One of the things I love about this trail (the Marshmallow Trail) is that the trail itself is so wide. Snowmobilers use it in the winter, and some dirtbikers in the summer. Hunters also probably prowl around here in hunting season. The benefit of having a shared trail is of course that it is maintained regularly.

No low limbs here to bonk my head on! Nice!
The trail in some parts also gets very viney. I always feel like we are trekking through the jungle.

Awww, good brumby.

Snowmobiler sign. I use these to orient myself too. I also try to carry trail marker tape with me. In my trail bag I carry trail tape, a hoof pick, a swiss army knife, carrots, some rawhide, and my camera. Believe me, I'd like to carry more. I'd like to take all the Peterson field guides! And maybe an army survival guide! On my person I have a cell phone, and a compass. I wonder what other people carry in their bags. (?)

Right by Lilly's pasture are these dear little daisies growing. They are so tiny! Maybe they are chamomile flowers. See? Peterson field guide needed!

I never get tired on looking at this paint mare. Her markings are so striking. I may have mentioned that I never ever thought I'd end up with a Paint. I love bays so much, I thought that's the kind of horse that would end up with me. But who can resist Lilly? Not me. Whe we first bought Lilly we met someone at a party who said "Oh those Paints, they are craaaazeee!" Crazeeee has not been my experiene with Lilly.
Unless crazy in love counts.

Brumby on the move!

Rats. Sunday night again.


Paint Girl said...

Paints aren't crazy. I think any breed of horse can be crazy! I think your Lilly is very level headed! I also love bays! I haven't had a solid colored horse since I was around 10-11 yrs old. I'd love my next horse to be a solid bay!
What I carry in my cantle bag and horn bag is: a hoof pick, vet wrap, a screwdriver, baling twine, kleenex, travel pack of toilet paper (you just never know!) and in my fanny pack on my person, I carry: cell phone, Purell, chapstick, camera, trailer/truck keys, drivers license. In my OH's cantle bag, he has the multi-tool that can do about anything. I know there is probably alot more we need to add. I am probably forgetting some things too!

juliette said...

I love the photo of Lilly in the field alone looking about. Wonderful! She is so pretty!
I don't have a bag to carry anything! I guess we don't trail ride far enough yet to warrant it. My mother has this very cool old sandwich bag from her fox hunting days. I tried to abscond with it years ago, but she hid it from me. Now, she keeps saying that she is going to get it out to use on our rides. The one time I took pictures from up on Pie (Pie's b-day) I put the camera in my sports bra!

BB said...

A syringe full of morphine so when I hit the ground, at least I can rest comfortably while awaiting my rescue, just a joke! Although I was medic and maybe it isn't a joke. Plus all the other stuff you carry. Keep up the good work, you're blog is great. BB

Pony Girl said...

Looks like you've been having some fun rides! I carry a lot on me, too. I think a roll of vet wrap, duct tape (I think, I need to double check!) small sprayer of fly spray, a knife, extra leather straps, baby wipes, always carry snacks and an extra jacket, emergency rain slicker. Oh, it's on me in my fanny pack that I carry the knife, my cell phone, gloves, chapstick, camera....

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