Waterlogged in New England

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It is officially official: I am waterlogged! All it does here is rain! The tack is going to get moldy!
This is my protest email! I protest there being not one dry molecule within miles!
However, I will say it is pretty darn green around here. This is a picture of my neighbor's cornfield. It is very small and cute, family-farm style. I took this picture on my morning speed walk.

These sheep are out every morning. Looks like they just got a haircut. My neighbor Roberta is a knitter and she keeps several sheep for their wool. These darlings came speeding over to me, bleating loudly, as I was taking their photo, like they thought I had some yummy treats. Adorable! They don't seem to mind the rain! I got to see all of Roberta's lambs this year almost as soon as they were born. I got to hold some of them! One was so new I got some placenta on my sweatshirt. Yes, placenta! Seeing a newborn lamb is enough to restore your faith in everything.

Oh no, my daisies are looking soggy!

Here is Yeti wanting to get back in the house since it is raining. She is turning 15 this month! I actually have a yellow raincoat for her, but my husband is horrified that this dog, who used to be so tough, is reduced to wearing a raincoat in the rain! So I only put it on her when it is raining very hard. She is an old lady now, after all. I just want to protect her.
Happy Birthday, dear old friend!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Green is the new color! We had a few days of (excessive) heat and now it's back to the chill. Like your cute old dog!

Paint Girl said...

I think we switched states or something! We are in the upper 80's and it'll be in the 90's this weekend! I am the one that usually gets rain! What happened?
Very cute sheep!
Happy Birthday Yeti! Wow, 15! Amazing!

juliette said...

The Lambie Pies are the cutest thing ever. Their little faces looking at you is wonderful. You must love your daily walk. Your scenery up there is really nice. We are green here too! There is no doubt that we have switched regional weather with Paint Girl. And...Kate gets some of each - heat and rain! Our pastures are so lush and Pie is becoming the chubbiest TB around!

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