SUNSHINE! Welcome Back!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I woke up, saw some sunshine, and dashed over to see Lilly! In this wet bogland, a slice of sunshine sure is a welcome sight! Plus, there could be rain coming in the afternoon. Argh!
So I grabbed some carrots and ran out the door!

While Lilly ignored me as usual, Cody and Freddie were particularly interested in what I had to offer. Nothing but a camera! I see a Paint mare's bum in the background. In the barn I dropped my camera and thought for sure I had killed it. The camera gods must have taken pity on me, because it was working just fine all day.

The arena and round pen were freshly smoothed over so we started there. It is hard to resist the ring when it looks so pristine. I had Lilly move her feet in the round pen, and we practiced de-sensitizing with a plastic grocery bag. And then I got her collected in a gentle trot. Verrry nice. We even did a tiny jump. Last but not least, I had Lilly canter. Around and around we went. Again, near the gate she gave a little hop. Ok, actually several hops. But I got my popper out and had her keep going. Lilly also got another lesson in sidepassing. I can't help but notice that her sidepass is excellent while in the round pen. And not so great anywhere else.

And then since it was so gorgeous(!), we set out on the trail. A different one today. I secretly call this trail the Marshmallow Trail, because this is where I tried to use those marshmallows as my trail markers last July. Bill's dog also came along. Do you know how many times a black lab can look like a black bear? Very many.

Our first obstacle on the trail. If Christine were with me, she would have had QTee just jump over it. But Lilly and I walked around it...which was easy because some dirtbikers had made a little path there.

Here's a peek inside my pommel bag! Looks like some Brumby snacks in there!!

It was very buggy out in the woods today. I could see big nasty flies landing on my brumby's ear and trying to bite off a chunk of it! Where is the fly bonnet when you really need it? That posted sign makes it look like we are trespassing! That would be very naughty. Don't worry, this land is open to horseback riders. Thank goodness, because it is beautiful.

Here is a tiny toad! While I was trying to snap his picture, he kept trying to scramble away from me. When Lilly saw I was occupied with this toad, she seized her opportunity to do some major trailside fern snatching. She tries to eat extra fast when she thinks I am about to correct her! The whole time I was taking pictures of this toad, all I could hear was her behind me chomping on ferns.


juliette said...

Chomp, chomp the little Lilly chomping machine! Hooray for the sunshine! Isn't it wonderful! I don't know how you keep your cool with the worry of real black bears. You are very brave.

Paint Girl said...

Some of the trails we rode today, I was thinking we would run into a bear! Thank goodness we didn't!
I am glad to see you had a break in the weather, and could get out for a ride! We are in the 90's! Hot, hot, hot!

Pony Girl said...

What a fun ride! I had to laugh at your leaving marshmallows idea. Did you decide to use colored tape (thought I saw tape in your pommel bag! ;) Anyway I'm glad you have some sunshine and I hope it sticks around for your 4th of July celebration! Have a fun and safe one!

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