B is for Brumby

Monday, August 31, 2009

A fews days ago I went out see Lilly and I knew that I'd be trudging across the pasture to get her. I didn't even bother waving the carrot. I went into the pasture and just started my Walk of Shame. Here is what it looks like when I start:

But whaaaaaat? Do my own eyes deceive me???? Is that a paint mare walking toward, I repeat TOWARD, me???

What in the sam hill is going on? Look at that brumby walking my way! Has she been reading this blog????? There will be no Walk of Shame tonight! Hurray!

Although Sunday was excellent horseback riding weather, I was actually in Boston having lunch with old and dear friends. The weekends are simply not long enough! I thought I'd get back in time to ride, but traffic was so bad toward the NYC exit, we were bogged down for miles! Gross!
Boston is one of my fave cities!
Some of my fave people live there!!

Here is Brandon from that outing, holding our friends' baby. This adorable chunk of a baby has been featured on this blog before. Isn't he dear? Wouldn't it be great if you could just doze off at the dinner table and have someone hold your head for an hour?


Anonymous said...

A Brumby approaching - how cool! (Baby's cute too).

Paint Girl said...

I love how Lilly comes to you! Fritzy does come to me too, but Brandy always walks away. But doesn't take long for me to get her.
Cute baby!!

juliette said...

Maybe a camera is way more interesting than a carrot? Sounds crazy, but you know how she likes investigating mushrooms on the trail with Brandon. She understands all there is to know about carrots, but a camera is altogether different.
Baby is adorable - Brandon's style of holding baby is really cute!

mayr said...

Happy September.

Anonymous said...

lol .. my gazi and even now tb mare will come to me.. but alle the quarter horse... "you want what"? but every now and then again she'll get with the program and actually meander over... such horses of a different color..

nice snooze, btw
happy september as mayr said.. onward and upward
enjoy the east coast foliage


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