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Friday, August 28, 2009

Brumby's curls!

Today is Saturday and we had more rain. I went to see Lilly after spending the dreary and drizzly afternoon at the mall. At the mall I found some to-die-for bubble bath by Philosophy called Fudge Cake. It smells good enough to guzzle. However, by the time we got home it was cold but not still raining, so I went over and tried to practice barrel racing in the arena. Lilly was willing at first, and then got fussy. She started to give a little buck when we got close to the gate. VERY NAUGHTY BRUMBY. And then she just started running to the gate with no regard for me and what I was asking her to do. VERY TERRIBLE BRUMBY BEHAVIOR!!!! So we ended up in the round pen where there is no gate to run to. She protested in there too, but I did my best to keep her loping. We ended on a good note. I forget sometimes how valuable a 20 minute lesson in the round pen can be. I need to make that a serious habit. My brumby has gotten very spoiled and babyish!

Yesterday Lilly and I took a long trail ride and I immediately took the wrong turn and got us lost.

I saw this sign--which I have never seen before--and knew I had veered off the usual path. Well, I should say I knew very well I had veered off course, but in a way, I liked the idea. I wanted to keep going but then thought I better stick to what I know since I didn't have my cell phone on me...

And then I couldn't find the regular trail! That big huge log in this picture was one more clue that I was in new territory.

And check this log out! Lilly just barely fit under it. No room for me up there! I was still trying to get to the regular trail here. We went under this log twice and each time Lilly wanted to bolt under it. I'd say Now just calm down, Brumby, I'm trying to figure out where in the sam hill we are.

We did make this discovery in our adventures. A mandible!

I strung it up on Lilly's saddle like so.

And I saw this perfect specimen of Strobilomyces confusus. Isn't it nice? I made sure that Lilly did not trample it. But we were very lost at this point. At least I was. Lilly was probably just fine.

After quite a bit of backtracking, we made it back to the usual trail. What a relief that was!


Anonymous said...

ughs.. few things cause higher anxiety for me than getting lost... or think i'm lost... and of course that be the time you dont have a cell phone :)

looks like the brumster came thru for ya... sit down and ride sis!

juliette said...

You are so funny - collecting mandibles! What species is that? It looks big!
Maizie and I like Lilly's curls. Sometimes I braid Maizie's hair when it is wet and she sleeps like that and has waves in the morning for school. Lilly would fit right in with her foretop curls.

Paint Girl said...

Now that is scary, getting lost in the woods! And why didn't you have your cell phone on you? Look at me, I sound like MY mother! Glad you found your way out! Cool mushroom! And I would also like to know what kind of mandible that is!!
I love to braid Brandy's tail when it is damp. Than take the braid out the next day, it looks so pretty all wavy!!

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