Mid Week Brumby!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Aaaaah, that mane now looks much better! See what a little dry, sunny weather can do for a white mane? When I went to see Lilly last night, she looked ravishing! All white and sparkly. And this leads me to discuss the Walk of Shame that my brumby makes me do every time I go to get her out of the pasture. No, not the Sex and the City style Walk of Shame! The other one! The one that happens when Lilly is a million miles away on the other side of the pasture and refuses to come when I call! But let me clarify: The muddy and teacherous side of the pasture which is not only very far away, but could snap my ankle in two as I plod through the swampy and uneven terrain!

This is what happens: I see Lilly waaaay over there grazing on the delectable swampy fronds. I call to her. She looks up mildly, sees me, and then goes right back to grazing. I call her again. This time I call louder and call her BRUMBYOLA!!! Maybe I will even wave a carrot! I call and call! Nothing doing, that brumby is not moving toward me one centimeter. But of course by then it is too late; I have already started the walk to go get her. I have already surrendered. She wins and I lose. I am made to walk the humiliating Walk of Shame. The walk that says, I like to think I am the boss of her, but I am not! I am just an ineffectual lightweight and hoofless bipedal, who has, apparently, the allure of a wet mop.


Here's the upside: When I finally make it over to Lilly in the muddy muck, she never tries to run away. She always puts her head out for the halter and willingly comes with me. She does not pretend to be (99.9% of the time anyway) the gingerbread man and dash away with a twinkle in her eye. Thank gawd.

Last week I put a little braid in Lilly's hair. It was still there last night!

Here she is looking at Bill working on his truck. He was using a very loud tool that I thought might scare her. But she was fine with it. Do you ever notice how Bill is always working on stuff?

If you look at Lilly's feet, they tell the story of how her diet has been changing as the months go by. You can see when she was eating hay in the spring and when she started gobbling up pasture in the summertime. Some of those lines may also even indicate that 4 week period when she had a little grain twice a day to take her Lyme Disease pills. I wonder what my feet would look like it they changed everytime I ate a Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake. I bet they'd be all messed up.

Bill's dogs having a good ole time.


Paint Girl said...

Wow! Your Lilly sure cleans up well! That mane does sparkle!
I can't believe you are dealing with so much rain and mud. My turn is coming. I get all the dust, one slight step and a mushroom cloud of dust billows through the air. I'd rather have the dust than the mud.

juliette said...

Lilly's mane looks white and pretty. So does the braid. Your story about retrieving her is funny - especially the "BRUMBYLOLA" yell. Lilly's eye is so expressive in that one photo. She is a sweet little girl! Bill's dogs sure look happy!!! What a great life for all the animals of Bear River.

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