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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey! What's that little saddle doing on my western style brumby?

I went and did it again! I put a little prissy english saddle on my western pleasure horse! Why do I keep feeling tempted by the trim and dainty english saddles that appear in Bill's barn? Bill got this saddle at an auction. I forget the brand (it starts with a C and is from England) but it is such a nice little saddle that I wanted to plant my bum on it. Once again when I got up on Lilly I felt like I was perched on a tiny launching pad!

Christine asked if she could take a ride on Lilly. Here is Lilly and Christine looking collected and beautiful. It is good for me to see Lilly with Christine riding her, because that way I am reminded (and inspired by) how striking Lilly can look when she is asked to work a little at collection.

This is me and Lilly and Qtee and Christine. We liked how there were no bugs tonight, but dismayed at how early it is starting the get dark!

This picture of Tuffy was taken on Sunday. Tuffy is another newbie at Bear River Horse Farm. This horse is 4 years old and doesn't know what any commands mean yet, so Bill is helping him learn. Tuffy is so friendly and snuggly. He's going to make someone a very pleasing horse. Aren't those white socks adorable? I sure wish my husband liked horses better than surfboards.

As soon as Bill got Tuffy into the ring, a deluge of rain fell out of the sky. Talk about bad luck. Bill is so hardcore, he kept working anyway.

You may remember me writing on Sunday about how filthy Lilly was when I retrieved her from the pasture. I submit the evidence! Doesn't it look like she was laying on her neck? How on earth did the top of her neck get so dirty? What happens out there in the pasture when I am not looking?

Do you see this black fur????
So much for a pretty little pony!! Do you know how hard it is to make this white again? If you are a Paint owner, you sure do!


Paint Girl said...

Oh goodness! The dirt!! I know exactly how you feel! Since I am a Paint owner one and a half times, I feel your pain! I actually am really going to miss summer, the horses stay so clean right now! As soon as the rain falls, mud city!! It is no fun!
Riding english is a little weird after riding western. When I tried that english saddle on Brandy, I totally felt like I was going to be launched right off her back!! It had been so long since I had ridden english!
Lilly looks really good all collected!!

Pony Girl said...

I love Lilly english! She looks so cute, especially in the pink trim! That mud reminds me of fall and winter! I am so dreading it! Muddy wet ponies....sigh!

Anonymous said...

There isn't much there in a close contact saddle - I think of it as the next best thing to riding bareback!

Anonymous said...

lol !!! Here where i'm gonna put my english saddle on my all around English/mostly western pleasure qhorse in a while

here where the creatures find the creeks and yes, there's irrigation planning all over the place so the runoff from the winter snows/spring rains .. have h20 flowing for the animals... trust me i was (and probably still am by "ranching standards" ) fairly clueless about all this before i moved out here... part of the journey tho!

blessings and happy trails
gp (your montana sis! ):)

juliette said...

Lilly is so pretty - Western or English!!! I feel your pain about the mud. I was so depressed in April because everytime I headed out to get the boys out of the pasture they were covered in mud. I thought, well, at least the mud is over soon. Ha!!! We have had mud everyday since April. I am thankful for our green grass - so sure that next year will be a drought. Lilly's Paint coat is probably a ton of work, but it is worth it because she is always so pretty in your photos.

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