Rain Won't Stop Me!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today I returned home from my trail ride only to realize I'd left my camera in my pommel bag in the barn. Rats! But luckily, Bill took some photos and emailed them to me! How handy is that? Some of the pictures I took of Lilly that are still in my camera demonstarte how black with mud she was when I plucked her from the pasture. Boy was she a mess. Then, as soon as I brought her into the barn, there was a deluge of rain! More rain? yes! After it somewhat subsided, Bill and I headed out on the trail.

The skies were still very dark and threatening when we went out, as you can see by the darkness of these photos. Bill was riding one of his newbies from the auction. He had not even been on this new horse yet! In any case, that is me on Lilly with the new guy.

While we were out on the trail it started to rain so hard that we stopped for a few minutes until the rain wasn't such a bloody downpour. Lilly didn't mind one bit; she got busy fast gobbling up some leaves and small branches.

The only time Bill's new horse had a momentary freak out was when the camera flashed right in his eye. Poor guy! It was probably my camera. See what a lousy trail partner I am? Good thing Bill knows what he's doing on the back of a horse! Other than that one tiny moment, this horse was excellent.

Sometimes I really like being out in the rain. I feels like I am in this fuzzy, mushy world.

This snapshot is one Bill captured yesterday. That horse is Tuffy.
Is that really a pink cowboy hat? YOU BET IT IS!


Anonymous said...

I like the rain, too, although my tack doesn't!

Paint Girl said...

You are getting the total opposite of weather that we are getting! We can't get any rain. But I don't want to complain, it just gives me more to do outside!
You look cute in that pink cowgirl hat!!

Pony Girl said...

Wow, it looks like fall has already arrived there! It does look like our typical weather, LOL! Great hat, very stylin'! :) Glad Bill's horse was good....is he going to keep it or resell it?

juliette said...

We sure have had the rain too here in Pennsylvania. It is fun to ride in the rain - I am getting used to it. You look great in the cowboy hat!

Anonymous said...

love your attitude 'bout the rain.. unless it's monsooning i always always feel better after a ride... (Hmmm maybe more mentally than physically even ) :)

happy trails

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