Back In the Saddle!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

When I got on my brumby this afternoon after WEEKS of not being on her, she felt just right. More than just right--like an old comfortable armchair. Everything about her felt so perfect. After three weeks with nary a soul on her back, she was as calm and as graceful as ever. Is it possible the old mule missed me? It was raining a tiny bit--did my brumby complain? Not for a second. We had a gentle ride, meandering slowly after Brandon who looked around for mushrooms.

The funny thing is, Lilly wants to do just what Brandon does. If he veers off the trail, she slowly veers after him. He stops, she stops. He inspects a mushroom, she clomps over to inspect the mushroom. Here they are carefully regarding a Bolete.

The only problem with being out in such a wet forest is that those adorable orange newts are everywhere. Sometimes I see them scrambling out of the way, their little arms rotating around like they are swimming. Here is Brandon picking one up and moving it off to the side so it didn't end up smashed on the bottom of a horseshoe. He must have done this 4000 times. We also saw two small toads.

When we came back, Bill was keeping the road in order. I am happy to report that Lilly walked by the tractor without fussing. I thought maybe as we were ambling by that Bill might honk the horn for practice, but he didn't!

Wouldn't everyone in the world be happier if this is what they got to see everyday?


Anonymous said...

That must have been a great feeling - your brumby is a star!

Paint Girl said...

That is so neat that Lilly didn't spook by the tractor! I think my Brandy is so used to them by now, she'd be ok too!
I bet you are so happy to be riding Lilly again! And she sounded like she was a very good girl for you!

juliette said...

I love this post!!! Lilly is the sweetest, best girl ever. The photo of Brandon and Lilly inspecting the mushroom is really cute. And, yes, the world would be a perfect place and people would be kind if they could see horsey muzzles everyday!

juliette said...

oops! Oh Colleen! My mom just phoned to tell me that they are donkey muzzles in the photo!

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