Montana Reverie

Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you ever find that other people's vacation pictures are not nearly as interesting as the person who took them seems to think? Hah! I hear ya! But Montana is so grand, I have to share a few of my photos with you. As I will also add that I had a plan to see my brumby today but first it was dang hot, and then a hurricane blew in. Or the far reaching arm of one. Luckily, now the storm is over and the temps are a lot lower. The next post you see wiill be back to Lilly. Boy have I missed her! Every day in Monatan I kept thinking: I could live here! But could my brumby? It is so dry in Montana compared to Massachusetts, but I am pretty sure my brumby could adjust. There were so many Paints out there; she'd fit right in.

Here's Brandon at one of the three airports we were in en route to MT. He's in all of the pictures and I'm pretty much in none of them because I have the camera. If I were not in charge of it, very few pictures would have been taken!

Whoooooa! What happened here? This is perhaps proof that maybe I really shouldn't be the one in charge of the photos after all! Sorry it's sideways, but this was a great moment of our trip because we are about to enter Yellowstone. I've been there before, but it such an awesome place, that it's easy to get excited all over again. This gateway is in Gardiner, Montana.

Yellowstone is famous for nothing if not all of its geysers. Totally fascinating. And a little smelly.

Here is Yellowstone Falls looking very small and harmless. But in person, it has the power to take your breath away.

Hey! Look over here, Big Guy!
We saw lots of animals in Yellowstone including a herd of bison, and black bear. Right before we entered the park, we saw Pronghorn Antelope. Gorgeous.

I had to go to Cody, Wyoming for the nightly rodeo! It was worth it!!

Fairly close to Bozeman there is a big cave you can go in called Lewis and Clark Caverns. Brandon, an ex-spelunker, was excited to go. First we had to walk to the entrance which was three-quarter-mile trail that I swear rose at something like a 45 degree angle. The entrance is only like 5300 feet but I personally felt like it was much higher. And although Brandon thought this cave was remarkable, I thought it was terrifying. All those pits! And total blackness! Little crawlspaces and slippery floors! I just wanted out of there!!!!!! However, I did take about a thousand pictures while in there, and my husband believes this is proof that I secretly loved it. But I will be happy if I am never in another deep and creepy cave again.

Here is a beautiful scene as we were approaching St. Mary, Montana and the entrance to Glacier National Park.

Seeing mountain goats at Logan's Pass in Glacier is apparently not uncommon at all. Here's one just moseying along. We also saw Big Horn sheep here, and the cutest animal ever: the marmot.

I never get tired of the blue galcial pools.

This is at Avalanche Lake in Glacier. There were some grizzlies on that far mountainside.
I wanted to ride horses in Montana! Brandon ended up chickening out on going on the trail ride with me, just like I had predicted!! I went anyway!!

I was assigned the smallest horse they had--a little paint named Oreo. Brandon thought I looked ridiculously huge on him. They told me someone with experience needed to be on Oreo, but maybe the were just saying that to make me feel better, because he was a perfect little guy.
Here I am contemplating him.

Yep, he was pretty small.

But I loved him.
We all went across this bridge that had a raging river surging under it. I am not sure if my own brumby would have gone for something like that!!!

That's me with the Mission Mountains in the background.

And there's Brandon...who I confess did all the paddling on this boating adventure. Doesn't look like he's complaining!!

I heart Montana.


Anonymous said...

Marmots are amazing! I got to see some on the Old Fall River Road in the Rocky Mountains near Estes Park.

Paint Girl said...

Seeing your pictures brings back memories of our trip through Montana about 6 yrs ago. I loved it. We also went through Yellowstone, we hit the ice caves in South Dakota, it was sooo much fun!
I am sure your Brumby would be fine in Montana! It is really beautiful there! Thanks for giving us a tour, oh, and that little Paint you were riding, very cute!!

Pony Girl said...

Fun, fun! Looks so beautiful. I had to chuckle about Oreo. Whenever I've had to rent horses eand tell them I have experince, they always give me the wild horse. And I hate the ride! I want to enjoy a peaceful relaxing ride on vacation, not school their line horses, LOL! :) Hugs to your brumby!

Anonymous said...

yup... you are home :) :)

gp who likes riding in rain sometimes too - tho not monsoons!

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