Along Came Brumby

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The horses all ran up to me in the pasture today as soon as I arrived! I am the pied piper, I cried! Come to me! I love you all!! But wait a minute. Wait just a minute. Hmmmm. Where is my brumby?

Oh look, there she is, completely unimpressed by my arrival. Of all the horses in this field, she is the one who can't be bothered to say hello!!

Yesterday Lilly lost a shoe on the trail. Today we found it in the hayfield we trotted through, just before the trailhead by the blueberries. When I saw it there in the hay today I remembered that was right where yesterday on our ride I thought Lilly was giving me trouble. Had I known a shoe was actually falling off of her foot, I would not have been so bossy with her. I thought she was just resisting going forward. Well, she was, but apparently with good reason. Next time, I'll know to be a better listener. Here she is with Bill who squeezed a new shoe fitting into his busy schedule.

Here I am playing with adding text to photos.

Before Christine and I headed out on the trail, Christine's put Henry's safety vest on him. He sure looked cute with it on. We kept calling it his dress.

Not the best shot of Christine since I have lopped her head off. But you can see how beautiful the light in the woods was today.

Much better shot of Christine and QTee. It was just chilly enough today that we almost wished we had gloves on. But if we are wearing gloves already in September, what will we be wearing in January? My husband saw a coat in Outside magazine that features a built-in heater. I want it.
When we picked up the trail where Lilly had gotten caught in the wire yesterday, she remembered the wire incident. She did not want to go that way. She sidepassed away from the trail, clearly thinking that the wire would get her again! Not just in the vicinity, but the exact spot. Christine and QTee came over for support, and Lilly followed them cautiously through the trouble spot. Brave brumby.

Oh dear, it looks like Louise is having a stand off with the cows. I'm sure she is upset they are right under her apple tree, snatching up all the apples! Do not mess with Louise!

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juliette said...

Oh poor Louise is SO chubby!!!! She is a pig and all, but my goodness she is rotund!!! I think maybe she should share her apples. Hooray for Lilly bravely walking through the wire incident location. She is a good girl. I can't believe it is that cold already - gloves? I want a heated coat too - and heated boots!

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