Like the Rain, I have Fallen for You, dear Brumby

Sunday, September 27, 2009

If I did not have a brumby, I suppose the rain would not be such a bummer!

I decided today I would ride even though it was raining. After all, the horses do not seem to care one way or another what the weather is doing. However, when I got to Lilly, I wimped out! It was raining too hard. I imagined the tack getting very wet and soggy and never drying. My husband says I need a duster because dusters are made to keep the saddle dry. The more I think about wearing a duster around, the more I like the idea. Very Clint Eastwood.

You might think that Lilly is so low in the pecking order, the other horses have forced her out of the shelter. But I think she likes being out there! I have seen my brumby be very aggressive with other horses in the pasture. And I have seen a few of the horses try to boss my brumby around! Sometimes I see little bite marks on her! But I do not worry. She has a good life. And every herd has its alpha. I don't think it is Lilly. I do not know who it is. QTee maybe?

Because it was raining, I got home from the barn very early. So I got out my sewing machine and sewed two balaclavas. The first was way too small. The second was way too big.

Here is Brandon posing with the second balaclava on his head. I also made him hold two little baby hats I knitted for two co-workers of mine who will be having girls in January. I can't decide if the balaclava makes him look like a very homely nun, or a merry medieval guy.


Anonymous said...

Your brumby looks wet - some horse seem to prefer to stand in the rain - who knows why?

Pony Girl said...

My horse likes to stand in the rain, too! :) It looks very sloshy and fall-like there. It will be like that here, all too soon. It kinda makes me sad!
Those 3 bays in the shed look like triplets!

juliette said...

Lilly in the rain looks all too familiar - our boys are always standing up to their knees in rain and mud. Poor Brandon - what a good sport he is!!! I vote - merry medieval guy!

Paint Girl said...

Love that picture of all the horses in the shed! SO cute!
Yes, as Pony Girl says, it will be rainy and muddy like that here, very soon! I am not looking forward to it. It has been such a dry September for us. I am hoping it stays this way through the winter, but I know I am dreaming!

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